You want garden gear you can count on from growing season to growing season. Try some of our favorite picks.

By Jenny Krane
May 31, 2019

We’re as gung ho as ever about our flowerbeds being the best in the neighborhood, and we’re still after the freshest guides, best gear, and longest stems to make it happen. We've rounded up garden essentials that will inspire you to try flower arranging, to trade your bibs for a sturdy tool belt, to upgrade your pruning shears and garden gloves, and to turn in your garden basket for a stand-up caddy that holds water.

After stocking up, get outside. Research now confirms what we already suspected: Living with flowers boosts happiness and lowers stress—no white picket fence required. Try some of our favorite garden gear in your therapeutic green space.

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1. Seasonal Flower Arranging by Ariella Chezar

Ariella Chezar's new book gives gardeners at any level the inspiration and confidence to assemble amazing flower arrangements. Follow step-by-step instructions to create 39 seasonal floral arrangements and other floral projects. Besides easy to follow arrangement formulas, this book is full of rich, crisp photography that shows off the beauty of nature.

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2. Galvanized Flower Caddy

This metal caddy is a must-have for gardeners with a cutting garden. Carry this handled collection of canisters when you go out to the garden to cut some fresh stems. It is rustproof and watertight, so you can leave cut stems soaking to prevent your blooms from wilting.

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3. Rose Pruning Gloves

Roses are notoriously fussy to grow and prickly to prune, but the gorgeous blooms and sweet fragrance make all the hard work worth it. To protect your hands and arms while pruning, try these leather pruning gloves that go up to the elbow. The palms are flexible and malleable, making it easy to work on both fine-motor and large-motor garden tasks.

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4. Garden Tool Belt

Keep everything you need strapped around your waist so your hands are free. This apron-style tool belt has pockets to hold trowels and pruners, and slots to hold markers. The waistband is adjustable and attaches with a simple plastic buckle. The heavy canvas fabric will hold up well against wear and tear, and you can hose it off and let it dry if it gets messy.

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5. Felco 100 Rose Pruner

Every gardener needs a trusty set of shears. Try these pro-grade pruners that will last a lifetime. The ergonomic handles are lightweight and coated for comfort (and won't slip!). Besides having sharp blades with a sap groove so they won't stick to sappy wood, there is also a wire-cutting notch built in and a stem holder to keep flowers from dropping and getting damaged.

It's worth investing in garden tools and accessories you know will work and continue to last for years to come. These products will never go out-of-style or lose their usefulness in the garden, and that's why they're on our list of favorites. We can't wait to see what this garden gear helps you accomplish.


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