The top-rated tool has more than 400 5-star reviews on Amazon and two wheels for extra stability.

By Andrea Beck
August 03, 2020
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Every gardener needs a trusty wheelbarrow. This handy tool is as essential as a trowel and good pair of garden gloves. Any time you need to spread mulch, add a layer of compost, or lay gravel, a wheelbarrow will be your best friend. It can also hold your perennials and annuals while you’re planting a new flower bed, or be a place to toss weeds before taking them to a yard waste bin. If you don’t already have this crucial garden tool, or you’re looking to upgrade, Garden Star’s Marathon Yard Rover is a handy helper for almost any garden task.

green wheelbarrow outside full of gravel
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Unlike some wheelbarrows with one center wheel, this garden cart has two air-filled wheels in the front that make it easier to maneuver through your landscape. The tires help evenly distribute weight, which means there’s a lot less clunking over bumps as you’re wheeling through the yard.  Plus, you can also easily pull it backward if you’re working in a small space.

The Yard Rover features a plastic 5-cubic-foot tray that can hold up to 300 pounds. This means you can pile in a few bags of mulch or soil without overloading it or making the cart difficult to move. The tray is also rust-proof, so it’ll last for years without showing much wear and tear.

If you order from Amazon, the wheelbarrow won’t come fully assembled, but it should take you just a few minutes to make it yardwork-ready. Reviewers say it comes together fast, and you only need a crescent wrench and flat-head screwdriver to assemble it. Once it’s put together, the cart weighs about 25 pounds. It’s easily stored upright if you have the room in your garage or shed, but you can also hang it from a wall and take it down when needed.

This top-rated wheelbarrow has more than 400 5-star reviews on Amazon, and it combines the best features of garden carts and wheelbarrows. With this tool at the ready, you’ll be even more excited to tackle garden projects like spreading mulch around your shrubs and planting new flower beds!


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