The 8 Best Watering Cans for All Types of Gardeners in 2023, According to Testing

The Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can holds a lot of water while remaining easy to use.

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Watering cans in an outdoor setting

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Keeping your plants well-hydrated is without a doubt the most important part of a gardening routine, no matter if you are growing indoors or out, in containers or directly into soil.

There are a number of factors to consider when watering your plants, including what time of day to water and how much moisture each plant needs. Instead of dragging a hose around your yard or rounding up all your potted plants on watering day and heading to the shower or sink, purchasing a durable watering can is an easy way to keep your indoor and outdoor plants hydrated. 

According to Kristen Whitehead, designer and owner of Helios Landscape Design, outdoor plants in pots typically need to be watered once a day while indoor plants have varying water needs, depending on the type of plant.

When it comes to picking out the best watering cans for your needs, you’ll have to consider size, how easy the watering can is to maneuver, and where you plan to use and store the vessel. Whitehead recommends looking for a watering can that is of good enough quality to withstand use year-over-year, allowing you to avoid constantly buying replacements. 

We tested 32 of the best watering cans on the market to see which ones are lightweight, durable, and easy to use in our lab in Des Moines, Iowa, so you can get the most value for your money. Our home and garden experts spent an entire day using and evaluating different watering cans based on their capacity, ease of use, durability, and more.  

Based on test results, we compiled the best watering cans for a variety of uses, including small indoor options, gorgeous picks to match your home decor, and more hefty models for watering large numbers of plants.

Keep reading for our full list of the best watering cans.

Best Overall

Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can

Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can


Why You Should Get It: This watering can holds a large volume of water but is still easy to carry and use.

Keep in Mind: It can get heavy when lifting overhead for hanging plants.

If you want to buy one, all-purpose watering can for all types of plants, you can’t go wrong with the Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can. Whether you are tending to indoor potted plants, hanging vines, or an outdoor vegetable garden, the 2.6-gallon capacity gives you enough volume so that you won’t have to make constant trips back to the sink. It also boasts an ergonomic design, with two different handles to make carrying and pouring even easier. 

Our testers raved about the two-handle design, with one hinged handle that made carrying and pouring a breeze, and noted that the can was surprisingly easy to fill under a sink for its size. The clever design places the fill hole slightly off center so the handles don’t get in the way of a spigot or faucet. Another helpful feature is the adjustable spout that can go from light shower to heavy stream, depending on what you are watering. 

The Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can also proved to be extremely durable and stayed upright even when our testers dropped it on both grass and concrete. This is due to its thick wall structure, made of fade-resistant polypropylene plastic, which is sturdy enough to last through multiple seasons of use.

If you’re primarily watering hanging plants, you may want to purchase a smaller watering can than this one. Its larger capacity means that you really have to tip the can to get a full pour, which isn’t as much of an issue when watering standing pots or a garden. 

Price at time of publish: $34

Product Details:

Weight: 1 pound | Capacity: 2.6 gallons | Material: Polypropylene plastic | Spout type: Adjustable sprinkler head

Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can

BHG / Rachel Marek

Best Indoor

Ansel & Ivy Sierra Watering Can

Ansel & Ivy Sierra Watering Can

Ansel & Ivy

Why You Should Get It: This small, modern watering can is a great choice if you’re mostly tending to houseplants.

Keep in Mind: You’ll need to refill it more often than other, larger watering cans.

This elegant pick is the best watering can for the indoor houseplant lover. Its small 1-liter capacity means that it's super easy to carry around the house, lift overhead to water hanging plants, and store when not in use. 

The sleek stainless steel design of the Sierra Watering Can makes it a stylish addition to most home decors, so you can easily store it on a visible shelf or incorporate it into the overall aesthetic of your house. Its long, thin spout releases a slow and even flow of water that allows for precise pouring, and our tester commented that it would be easy for kids to use without making much of a mess. 

The stainless steel frame is durable and virtually crack-proof, unlike plastic models that can sometimes spring leaks along seams. The surface also couldn’t be easier to clean—just wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done.

The only downside our testers noted was that the placement of the handle can sometimes get in the way when filling the watering can from a sink. However, if you have an adjustable kitchen faucet, this won’t be an issue. Additionally, we found that it takes multiple refills to water large numbers of plants with this watering can since it has a smaller capacity than other watering cans we tested. 

Price at time of publish: $34

Product Details:

Weight: Unknown | Capacity: 1 liter | Material: Stainless steel | Spout type: Open flow

Ansel & Ivy Sierra Watering Can

BHG / Rachel Marek

Best Outdoor

XXXFlower Watering Can

XXXFlower Watering Can


Why You Should Get It: The fully removable sprinkler head makes this a good choice for watering a variety of plant types. 

Keep in Mind: This watering can has a very basic look that you probably wouldn’t want to put on display, so consider where you might store it when not in use.

While the XXXFlower Watering Can might not have the stylistic attributes of some of our other picks, its basic design and sturdy construction make it a great pick for watering a vegetable garden or a large number of outdoor plants. The 1.5-gallon capacity is plenty to keep your plants hydrated, and the placement of the dual handles (one for carrying and one for tilting and pouring) make it easy to handle even when full. Our testers commented that, despite its size, it was easy to lift up and reach hanging plants.

Our testers also loved the removable sprinkler head, which makes it easy to switch between full water flow and a soft rainshower. This versatility is incredibly helpful when taking care of a garden, allowing you to water hearty plants deeply and also take gentle care of delicate herbs and flowers. 

In addition to the removable spout head, the XXXFlower Watering Can also comes with a handy cover for the top opening, which can help keep debris out of the basin when not in use. We also found that the durable plastic construction makes this watering can a good pick if you plan to store it outside since it’s less likely to get damaged by weather and moisture. In our testing process, this watering can dented when we dropped it completely full on a concrete surface, but it didn’t crack and was still usable. 

If you want your watering can to serve both a functional purpose and have an attractive exterior, this one may not be the best choice for you—our testers found it to be quite plain. However, in terms of durability, ease of use, and versatility, this is the best watering can for outdoor garden enthusiasts. 

Price at time of publish: $20

Product Details:

Weight: 1.5 pounds | Capacity: 1.5 gallons | Material: Plastic | Spout type: Detachable sprinkler head

XXXFlower Watering Can

BHG / Rachel Marek

Best Plastic

Fasmov 1-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

Fasmov 1-Gallon Plastic Watering Can


Why You Should Get It: This durable, lightweight watering can impressed our testers with its overall ease of use.

Keep in Mind: The placement of the handle and the small mouth might make this hard to fill from a fixed faucet.

The light weight of this plastic Fasmov Watering Can means that you can easily tote it around the house (or yard) without adding much heft beyond the water itself. Plastic watering cans are a great choice for gardeners who want a long-lasting, easy-to-care-for watering can—and this one passed our testing process with flying colors.

Our testers found the Fasmov model to be extremely easy to carry around. The 1-gallon size makes it lightweight enough to transport while still holding a decent amount of water, and the ergonomic handle design adds to the general ease of use. The mouth on top is slightly smaller than normal, which means that it might be hard to fill depending on your faucet or spigot. However, the plus side to a smaller fill hole is that you are much less likely to drip water or have it slosh over the top when carrying the watering can around. 

The Fasmov watering can is made from sturdy plastic that held up well in our durability tests, and the pretty, deep blue color keeps the otherwise basic watering can from being an eyesore. The spout is open, but the long, narrow neck allows for a controlled flow and precise watering. 

Price at time of publish: $18

Product Details:

Weight: 8.8 ounces | Capacity: 1 gallon | Material: Plastic | Spout type: Open flow

Fasmov 1-Gallon Plastic Watering Can

BHG / Rachel Marek

Best with Nozzle

Yummy Sam Watering Can With Detachable Spray Head

Yummy Sam Watering Can With Detachable Spray Head


Why You Should Get It: This versatile watering can allows you to switch from a heavy stream to a gentle shower with a detachable nozzle. 

Keep in Mind: It can be easy to lose parts over time with multi-piece items.

Anyone who has ever grown plants from seed knows the importance of being able to provide a gentle, steady water flow to these delicate, burgeoning plants. This watering can with detachable spray head is the best watering can for those delicate seedlings, tender herbs, or fragile flowers that need a little more TLC. 

The main distinguishing feature of this watering can is the detachable nozzle attachment, which our tester reported more than justifies the cost of the product. The attachment allows the watering can to switch easily from a direct stream of irrigation to a sprinkler-style flow, making this a versatile pick for both indoor and outdoor plants of all types. 

The rest of the plastic design is fairly standard, featuring one large handle that serves as both the carry and pouring handle, which our tester reported to be convenient to use and not overly heavy when filled to its 1-gallon capacity. 

While our tester did observe a few dents when the filled watering can was dropped onto concrete, it wasn’t enough to make the item unusable, making it durable enough to last through the occasional bump or scratch. This sturdy plastic watering can comes in a rich navy blue, and while not fancy, is presentable enough to keep out on a deck or on a shelf. 

Price at time of publish: $15

Product Details:

Weight: 8.4 ounces | Capacity: 1 gallon | Material: Plastic | Spout type: Detachable sprinkler

Yummy Sam Watering Can With Detachable Spray Head

BHG / Rachel Marek

Best Steel

E.Palace Stainless Steel Water Can

E.Palace Stainless Steel Water Can


Why You Should Get It: With an attractive polished steel exterior, this watering can would look great in a modern home or office. 

Keep in Mind: The capacity on this watering can is quite small, so it wouldn’t work well for large plants or an entire garden.

If you’re looking for an attractive watering can to display on a shelf or ledge in your home, the E.Palace Stainless Steel Watering Can is made for you. The small, 15-ounce can is made from sturdy stainless steel with an overall minimalist design, and the size makes it easy to fit into your other home decor. 

Beyond just fashion, the E.Palace pick performs well in its function–watering plants. The hand-polished steel is designed to resist scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing, so it’ll hold up for years to come. The spout is quite narrow, which means that the flow is somewhat slow and requires a patient pour unless you want to slosh water out of the top. This watering can wouldn’t work as well for plants that need a more distributed flow of water, such as delicate flowers and new seedlings. 

The small capacity means that it's also easy to lift overhead to water hanging plants or bookshelf vines, and the hole at the top is large enough that it can be filled from virtually any sink. Plus, our tester found it quite easy to carry and pour without spillage. 

The only potential downside to the E.Palace watering can is its small size. While it is an aesthetically pleasing item, the capacity of 15 ounces limits its overall utility. It would be a good choice for a home office or other small area with a houseplant or two, but it would be hard to use this watering can to water a large number of plants. 

Price at time of publish: $16

Product Details:

Weight: 8.4 ounces | Capacity: 15 ounces | Material: Stainless steel | Spout type: Open flow

E.Palace Stainless Steel Watering Can

BHG / Rachel Marek

Best Copper

Williams-Sonoma Tall Copper Watering Can

Tall Copper Watering Can

Williams sonoma

Why You Should Get It: This watering can has a consistent pour to help avoid unexpected splashes. 

Keep in Mind: The price point for this watering can is higher than most on our list.

If we had to pick the best watering cans on the market based purely on looks, the Williams-Sonoma Tall Copper Watering Can would top our list. The lustrous, solid copper body has subtle hammered detailing in the center band and is framed by a long, slender handle and spout. We also love that this product is handcrafted in Turkey by artisans using traditional techniques. 

While the rounded handle doesn’t have any special ergonomic features, our testers found it easy to hold and carry without your arms getting tired. They also commented on how consistent the pour is, no matter how full or empty the container. The narrow, open spout offers a well-paced, steady flow of water that is easy to aim low or high. 

As with any shiny copper product, you should expect that over time the metal will oxidize slightly and develop a rich bronze patina on its surface (think about the color of an older penny). You can take extra care of the watering can to prevent this from happening, or embrace the natural color variations of this gorgeous metal. 

There’s no doubt that this is a splurge item. If you look at this as an investment in home decor, it’s probably worth it, but if you’re choosing based on function, you can likely find a watering can that’s a better value. This watering can could also make a unique wedding or housewarming gift. 

Price at time of publish: $95

Product Details:

Weight: Unknown | Capacity: 65 ounces | Material: Copper | Spout type: Open flow

Williams-Sonoma Tall Copper Watering Can

BHG / Rachel Marek

Best Decorative

Terrain Beech Wood Handle Watering Can

Terrain Beech Wood Handle Watering Can


Why You Should Get It: The small size and sleek appearance of this watering can make it a great indoor option. 

Keep in Mind: The painted steel might not withstand heavy use over time.

Terrain’s Beech Wood Handle Watering Can is another attractive pick, combining the function of all the best watering cans with the style of a modern farmhouse decor piece. The body of this device comes in dark gray or white with a contrasting beech wood handle, while the long, narrow spout allows for precision watering and good reach, ideal for houseplants. 

The manufacturer doesn’t list the capacity, but our team found that this watering can could hold 18 ounces without spilling when carried. The tiny size makes it a breeze to fill under pretty much any sink, including a smaller bathroom sink. This is another great choice for a home office or environment with just a few houseplants to take care of due to its smaller size, and it would also be fun and easy for children to use. 

In terms of durability, the Beech Wood Handle Watering Can held up well functionally from being dropped, landing upright and denting only slightly, but the paint did chip and show the steel underneath. If you are in an environment where you expect to have a lot of wear and tear (hello, small children and pets), the painted exterior might show damage over time. In general, this is a good value for a smaller, good-looking indoor watering can. 

Price at time of publish: $38

Product Details:

Weight: Unknown | Capacity: 18 ounces | Material: Painted steel and beechwood | Spout type: Open flow

Terrain Beech Wood Handle Watering Can

BHG / Rachel Marek

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a newbie gardener or a seasoned expert, having a good all-around watering can is integral to your green thumb success. Our top pick for the best overall watering can is the Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can for its versatility across indoor and outdoor environments as well as its adjustable spout. We also were impressed that it stayed upright and dent-free when dropped on concrete, a rarity for a watering can with a larger capacity.

Our Testing Process

We assembled a team of real-world gardeners, houseplant devotees, and green thumbs to test each of the best watering cans on our list. The reviewers were looking for a sleek yet ergonomic  design, effective watering capabilities, easy use, and more. We filled each watering can to capacity in both a standard size sink and outside with a spigot or hose, then carried it a short distance. We then poured the water into a variety of different types and sizes of pots to ensure the can was easy to lift and tilt. 

After emptying the watering can, reviewers assessed the durability of the item with a drop test onto a variety of different surfaces, both when full and emptied. Reviewers only looked at the price of the watering can after completing the other aspects of the review to ensure lack of bias about quality and assess the product’s value fairly.

What to Know About Watering Cans Before Shopping


The best watering cans can be made from a variety of materials, such as steel, copper, plastic, or even ceramic. You should think about the type of environment you’ll be in when using the watering can, and what type of wear-and-tear it might be exposed to. 

If you are primarily using the watering can outdoors, a breakable material like ceramic might not be the best fit. If the person using the watering can is young, older, or may not be capable of lifting heavy items, a lightweight material (like plastic) might be a good choice. However, Whitehead cautions that some plastic watering cans are a bit flimsy. 

“You need to make sure they are made from high-quality plastic so they do not crack on you,” Whitehead says.


Depending on how many plants you are going to be watering, you may need a smaller or larger watering can. 

“If you are watering plants outdoors, it may be easier to buy a larger watering can so you make fewer trips to the spigot,” Whitehead says. She also recommends finding something you can comfortably hold while carrying across your yard. For indoor watering, Whitehead recommends a smaller container that can easily be filled at the sink.

Ease of Use

Of course, whatever watering can you choose should be easy to fill, carry, and pour. The handle should be comfortable to grip and carry for several minutes at a time since a watering can can get heavy when filled with water. You will also want to note where the top mouth is located in relation to the handle, ensuring that a variety of faucets and outdoor spigots will be able to fit inside.

Spout Type

The spout of a watering can may be long, short, thick, or thin, and it’ll either have an open end or a sprinkler-style “rose” at the tip. The type of spout you choose depends on where you are planning to use the watering can. 

“Typically, you'll want a larger shower head spout for outside plants, since you'll most likely be watering more on each of the plants,” Whitehead says. “For indoor plants, you'll want a more defined, narrow spout head that will allow you to accurately water your plants.”

Other Watering Cans We Tested

Bloomscape Large Watering Can

We thought the Bloomscape Large Watering Can was aesthetically-pleasing but ergonomically challenging and hard to handle when filled. Our testers had to use two hands when carrying and pouring this product to avoid water sloshing out, which is why we didn’t include it on our list of the best watering cans.

French Blue Watering Can

During our tests, the French Blue Watering Can completely broke when dropped while full of water, making us question its durability over time. We also found that it was very clunky and heavy, making it nearly impossible to use when watering hanging plants. We found this product to have a particularly slow flow that affected its effectiveness, so we chose to exclude it from our lists.

The HC Companies 2-Gallon Garden Large Mouth Watering Can

While we loved the wide opening on this product for filling, we found that the HC Companies 2-Gallon Large Mouth Watering Can cracked when dropped during our tests. For the price and material, we expected this watering can to hold up better than it did, so we didn’t include it on our list.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you clean watering cans?

Always read the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning, as different materials have different requirements. Most containers can be rinsed with a gentle soap, warm water, and a soft sponge. Be mindful to not use harsh chemicals since these can harm your plants if they make it into the soil. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to ensure no soap remains inside it before using the watering can on your plants.

What is the best time of day to water plants?

During the heat of the summer, it's important to water all your plants, but according to Whitehead, you’ll want to water your outdoor plants in the morning or early evening. “This gives time for the plants to absorb the water before the sun evaporates the water,” Whitehead says. She also warns that watering at night could invite rot, fungus and disease to thrive.

How do you store a watering can?

Most plastic watering cans can be stored outside, but it’s best to put them under a covering to avoid rainwater and other debris from collecting inside it. Metal containers will have more longevity when stored indoors in a garage, shed, or on a shelf in your home since they are prone to corrosion. Watering cans should be cleaned and thoroughly dried before being stored to avoid any mold from developing.

Who We Are

Laura Fisher is a freelance writer for Better Homes and Gardens and has been writing about a variety of home projects and cooking for over four years. She collected feedback from our lab tests in Des Moines, Iowa, for this article and researched important features to consider when shopping for the best watering cans. She also got expert advice from Kristen Whitehead, designer and owner of Helios Landscape Design, for this story.

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