From digging to raking to pruning and nearly every job in between, tools are an essential element of your gardening routine. Equipped with the right tool, your to-do list can get a lot easier (and a lot shorter). But tools are an investment, and it pays to start small, with no-cost or low-cost helpers.

5 of Our Favorite Long-Lasting Garden Essentials

You want garden gear you can count on from growing season to growing season. Try some of our favorite picks.
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Amazing Amazon Prime Day Picks for Your Lawn and Garden

Happy Amazon Prime Day! These noteworthy deals will keep your yard looking good all season long.
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9 Garden Tools That Make Life Easier

Having the right garden tools can help make your time spent gardening easier and more enjoyable. See which handy helpers are a must-have for reducing strain on your wrists, back, and more.
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More Tools

Make a Rain Barrel to Save Water

Rain barrels are a great way to save water and money—and making a DIY rain barrel helps you save even more! Make your own today.
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Storage Secrets for Your Garden Shed

Keep all your tools easy to find and displayed with style using our guide to organizing your storage shed.
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Add Country Garden Charm with Vintage Watering Cans

These fine vessels go where hoses can't reach, and a ding or two doesn't diminish their beauty, utility, or value.