Grass Growing Up Through Mulch

My husband and I just finished landscaping the front yard of our first home. In an effort to cut the amount of work down, we dug out holes in the yard to plant our plants but did not dig out all the grass surrounding the plants. My husband assured me that the dirt and mulch we were spreading over the area would kill the grass beneath, and we wouldn't have to worry too much about grass growing up through it. It's a week later, and there is grass popping up all over. What can I do about this?

I've got a couple of solutions for you; choose whichever sounds more manageable for your landscape project. First, you could rake off the mulch you applied, lay 4-6 sheets of newspaper over all of the grass, and spread the mulch over it all. The newspaper layer will smother the grass and eventually break down naturally. 

The other option is a chemical one; spot-spray the grass with a herbicide like Roundup. You'll have to shield your plantings carefully from drift, because the herbicide can kill all plants. You might use a cardboard shield or -- if the plants are small enough -- overturned buckets to shelter them while you spray.

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