Mulch should be called the miracle worker of the garden. Spread mulch around your plants; you'll kick out weeds, preserve moisture, and add the perfect finishing touch to garden beds and borders. But as with so much in the landscape, there's plenty to learn about mulch, including the types that best match the style of your landscape.

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Grass Growing Up Through Mulch

My husband and I just finished landscaping the front yard of our first home. In an effort to cut the amount of work down, we dug out holes in the yard to plant our plants but did not dig out all the grass surrounding the plants. My husband assured me that the dirt and mulch we were spreading over the area would kill the grass beneath, and we wouldn't have to worry too much about grass growing up through it. It's a week later, and there is grass popping up all over. What can I do about this?

What Are the Foamy Yellow Piles on My Mulch?

A builder landscaped our new home, sodding the front lawn and planting various perennials and shrubs. The plants are surrounded by mulch. About a week ago, I saw two foamy yellow piles on the mulch. What is it, and how do I get rid of it?

Create Rich Soil for Your Garden

Follow these guidelines for working your soil for maximum quality.

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Mulch Calculator

Calculate how much mulch -- soil cover made of organic material -- you'll need.

Coping with Bad Dirt

The polite phrase is "poor soil," but whatever you call it, you can fix it this year. Here's how.

Landscaping Mulch

Landscaping mulch -- material placed on top of soil to protect or improve it -- can be a gardener's best friend.