You'll get a customized plan and the exact nutrients your turf grass needs, which you simply hose on.

By Viveka Neveln
August 28, 2020

Keeping a lawn lush and healthy can quickly become overwhelming when trying to make sure you mow properly, feed it enough, and get rid of weeds such as crabgrass. Plus, I'm not keen on using synthetic fertilizers and herbicides if I can help it, especially with my two young children traipsing through the grass all the time. So when I recently came across Sunday, a subscription service for your lawn that promises a beautiful, healthy lawn without relying on harsh chemicals, I decided to give it a go. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that you would get from a lawn care service, Sunday provides you with a customized plan so you know exactly what you should be feeding your grass and when.

green grass lawn with trees
Credit: David McDonald

To get this customized lawn care plan, all you have to do is take a quick questionnaire on Sunday's website. Where you live, the size of your property, the climate in your area, and the type of grass you have all help pinpoint the best products for your lawn. For example, when I signed up earlier this summer, the first thing to figure out was how much product I'd need for the total square footage of lawn I have. But no need to break out the tape measure. Sunday calculated the exact amounts of product to send me, based on my address and a little help from Google Maps to determine the area of lawn versus other features such as the house footprint, driveway, and garden areas on my property. The custom lawn plan starts at $129, depending on the type and quantity of nutrients you need.

My first shipment contained two pouches of a starter fertilizer containing seaweed extracts and iron. It had been over a year since my lawn had received any kind of fertilizer so it needed a little pick-me-up. And applying the nutrients didn't require fancy tools or sprayers either. Sunday includes a nozzle that screws right onto the pouches on one end and screws onto a hose on the other. Then all you have to do is turn on the spigot and water your lawn. The idea is to move quickly, just wetting the grass, which absorbs the nutrients through its leaves. I was done before I knew it, and didn't notice any unpleasant odors afterwards like I often can smell after a lawn care company has worked on my neighbor's property.

a box and two pouches, one attached to hose
The first shipment from Sunday includes pouches of a natural starter fertilizer, spray nozzles, and a soil test kit.
| Credit: Courtesy of Sunday

The initial box the pouches came in also included a simple soil test kit that was easy to use to send back my sample. Sunday used the results to further tailor the nutrients for my yard because there's no point in applying fertilizers that aren't needed. Then, the company will continue to ship more nutrient pouches throughout the growing season, scheduled to show up at the right time to apply them for maximum benefit. I love that I don't have to worry about when to feed the lawn or if I'm giving it too much or too little fertilizer; I can just keep an eye on my mailbox and Sunday has it all figured out for me.

The convenience every step of the way is much appreciated, but for me, the best part of the Sunday system is that its nutrient pouches are safe to use around kids and pets. And because they don’t contain any harsh synthetic chemicals, they won't damage a healthy soil ecology. Instead, they’re made with natural ingredients such as seaweed, soy protein, and molasses, based on cutting edge research from Cornell. And though it's only been a few weeks since I made the first two applications, I can already see that my lawn looks greener and thicker.

Because Sunday’s goal is to help you build a healthy lawn (which will naturally make it harder for weeds to take hold), the basic subscription doesn’t include weed control. But if you’re having problems with weeds, it does offer organic products you can order for $24. These herbicides also use less toxic, natural ingredients so I gave Sunday's Dandelion Doom a shot on some stubborn weeds that pop up in driveway and sidewalk cracks. A quick, targeted squirt and within 24 hours, just crispy leaves were left.

Bottom line: You’ll still have to do your own mowing, but Sunday can take care of nearly all the rest of your lawn care needs. As long as you have a hose for watering, you can distribute its customized nutrient solutions in your yard, and the company will let you know when it’s time for more. For me, that means that now I have more time to just kick back and enjoy a game of tag with my kids on our lush, thriving lawn.


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