Green Space

Green spaces are gorgeous, but require upkeep to maintain their lush looks. Whether you're an avid landscaper or a new homeowner, taking care of your yard is important for lawn health and curb appeal.

Environmentally-Friendly Landscaping

Green Landscaping
See how you can take the environment into account when landscaping your yard! These green landscaping ideas cover what to plant in your landscape, how to water it, and tips to reducing chemicals, pollution, and garden waste.
Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Birds and butterflies will flock to your yard when their three main needs -- food, water, and shelter -- are available, no matter how urban the setting. Learn how to satisfy the needs of nature's creatures.
Energy-Efficient Landscaping Tips
Use these landscaping tips to keep your energy costs down and make your yard more environmentally friendly.

Guide to Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening Benefits and Tips
Relying on environmentally friendly ways to garden is a win-win. You get delicious, chemical-free food, and Mother Nature gets the respect (and protection) she deserves. Best of all, going organic in your garden is an easy process.
What is Organic Gardening?
See our tips, along with the many advantages, of growing a garden organically.

Green Gardening Equipment and Techniques

6 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic in the Garden

Even small changes can add up to make a big difference in the long term.