Find out which type of lawn mower is right for your landscape, and which model you should try.

By Jenny Krane

A good lawnmower is an investment worth making, especially if it’ll make lawn care faster and easier. Today’s mowers run longer, have more power, and feature more bells and whistles than ever (hello, robo mower).  Some are even battery-powered so you can save the planet while saving the appearance of your lawn. Here are the latest and greatest picks for each type of lawn mower on the market.

Image courtesy of Sears

Riding Lawn Mower: Craftsman ProSeries 27042

Though they take up more space in the garage, riding mowers are a godsend for homeowners with large yards. Reviewers praise this Craftsman model for how easy it is to handle around trees and on inclines. Another beloved feature: a side-discharge blade keeps clippings from piling up in the middle of the lawn, which can be a headache.

Image courtesy of Home Depot

Push Mower: Toro Recycler SmartStow 21329

Smaller, flatter yards will do just fine with a push mower—you’ll get a nice workout in, too! Mulching (the evenness of the mow and how clippings are distributed) is a major perk of this basic push mower model, and it’s easy to use. At only $300, it’s a steal of a deal.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Self-Propelled Mower: Honda HRX2175VYA

Self-propelled mowers have the smaller size and price point of push mowers, but the engine power of a tractor. You’ll still get out and walk the yard, but you won’t need to put as much back into it. One helpful feature that this model offers is a blade-brake clutch, which stops the blade but keeps the engine running. In other words, you can safely step away to move a fallen branch or forgotten soccer ball in the yard as you go.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Robotic Lawn Mower: Worx Landroid WG794

You’ll pay a pretty penny for a robotic lawn mower, but it’ll take all the manual labor out of lawn care (a strong consideration for people with chronic pain or mobility issues). Sensors allow the mower to skirt around obstacles in the yard and detect the edges of your property. Having it run on its own may make you nervous, but the Landroid has a "Find My Landroid" feature if it gets lost or stolen. After mowing the lawn, it drives itself back to its battery charging pad. It also has a rain sensor and will stop mowing until the grass is dry enough to cut again. We're sold.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Electric Lawn Mower: Black+Decker CM2060C

Think eco-friendly when looking for a new lawn mower—it will be better for your yard (and Mother Nature) in the long run! This Black+Decker push mower is battery-powered and has many of the same features that gas-powered mowers do: side discharging, mulching, and bagging. This type of mower may be better for those with smaller yards or for those who mow in sections—since it runs on rechargeable batteries, you are limited by the run time before needing to recharge.


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