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Subscription boxes like Stitch Fix, Book of the Month, and Dollar Shave Club are forever changing the shopping (or not-so-much-shopping) game. Lucky for plant fanatics, there are plenty of gardening subscription boxes with the same idea. Some companies send a new houseplant each month to expand your indoor garden, while others send seasonally-appropriate seeds to keep your garden growing year-round, and still others specialize in succulents and air plants. No matter what you love growing the most, there's a box for it. Find the best subscription box for you, or gift one to a plant-loving friend.

two succulents from succulent box sitting on table
Credit: Courtesy of Succulents Box

Succulents Box

If you've got limited space (or just love how cute these houseplants are), sign up for a subscription box that focuses on succulents. There are plenty of options to choose from for your Succulents Box; two succulents with clay pots (2 inches wide) included every month, one air plant per month, one air plant and one succulent, or anywhere from one to four succulents per month. These aren't your average hens-and-chicks either, because Succulents Box prides itself on featuring rarer varieties such as pink succulents and variegated varieties.

my garden box sitting on table with elephant's ear
Credit: Courtesy of My Garden Box

My Garden Box

Every month, you'll get a package containing a live plant or bulb, one of their soil blends, and a decorative planter, plus stylish decorative accents to liven up your outdoor garden. Each box also supplies illustrated instructions and gardening tips for easy care.

woman opening box from the plant club
Credit: Courtesy of The Plant Club

The Plant Club

A sister subscription to My Garden Box, the Plant Club is similar, but made for houseplant lovers instead of outdoor gardeners. Each box contains a houseplant, a decorative pot, potting mix, illustrated instructions, and an occasional fun surprise. Every month, their featured plant will arrive ready to grow, straight out of the box.

popular houseplants from the sill sitting on table
Credit: Courtesy of The Sill

The Sill

This online plant shop offers a wide variety of houseplants for sale whenever you have a hankering to add some greenery to your home, but you can also sign up for a subscription box based on your lifestyle. Select from houseplants for beginners (available in 5- or 7-inch pots), pet-friendly houseplants, or low light plants, plus you can pick from four planter colors (and swap any time). Then, every month you'll get an already potted plant delivered right to your door that's optimized for your home and skillset.

subscription box from bloomin' bin
Credit: Courtesy of Bloomin' Bin

Bloomin' Bin

Get gardening right away with seasonal seeds shipped to you every month. Bloomin' Bin has several different monthly subscriptions to choose from, ranging in price from $7 per month up to $60. Their most basic box delivers three to five varieties of garden seeds (and occasionally a live plant), while other options have the seeds of the month plus soil or plant food samples, growing containers, and a special project or helpful garden tool. It's a creative way to satisfy your gardening hobby all year long!

urban sprouts hand holding single air plant

Urban Sprouts

Looking for drought-tolerant indoor plants? Join the club(s)! This subscription service has an Air Plant of the Month Club and a Cactus Collectors Club you can sign up for. Each will send you a unique plant quarterly, complete with care instructions.

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