Shoppers Say This Compact Miracle-Gro Composter Is 'Perfect' for Small Gardens

It even comes with waterproof gardening gloves.

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Miracle-Gro Small Composter Compact Single Chamber
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

If you're new to composting, it's a great way to recycle organic waste, like dead leaves, grass clippings, kitchen scraps, and even small twigs and branches, into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Food and garden waste combined make up more than 28% of what we throw away in the United States, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, making composting an eco-friendly way to reduce organic waste and even cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether you're a composting beginner or need a new tumbler for your small backyard, investing in a quality compost bin is essential to the success of this gardening hobby. And we've turned our attention to this customer-loved single-chamber compost bin that's ideal for composting novices with small gardens and costs $73 on Amazon right now.

The Miracle-Gro Small Composter produces ready-to-use compost in just four to six weeks, unlike DIY cold compost bins that can take up to one year to decompose waste. It's equipped with an internal aeration system, mixing bars to speed up decomposition, and a tight seal that keeps pests from slipping into your precious pile. It also traps heat and moisture to ensure proper decomposition, and you only have to spin the tumbler about once a week to mix the material.

Miracle-Gro Small Composter Compact Single Chamber
Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Miracle-Gro Small Composter, $73 (was $75), Amazon

The single-chamber compost bin holds nearly 28 gallons of waste, making it a good size for small patios, porches, balconies, and backyard spaces. The BPA-free, food-grade, and UV-resistant plastic supports year-round composting, no matter the climate—just note that composting may slow down in cold temperatures or speed up in hot temperatures. Bonus: It even comes with a complementary pair of waterproof gardening gloves to make handling your compost easier.

More than 1,500 Amazon shoppers gave the composter a five-star rating because it's easy to use and assemble, and it produces quality compost in just a few weeks. One shopper even pointed out that they don't have issues with odors, critters, or damage after bad storms.

"I've had it less than two months, and I'm already seeing a great breakdown of the materials into soil," one reviewer said. And another customer wrote that the small composter is "perfect" for their small apartment garden.

If you're in the market for an outdoor composter for your small garden, head to Amazon to shop this customer-loved option for $73.

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