The 8 Best Electric Lawn Mowers for Easy and Efficient Mowing

The Ego LM2102SP Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is proof that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

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Mowing your lawn regularly is an important task for keeping your yard neat and healthy. Though lawn mowers can be an expensive investment, electric lawn mowers are often more affordable than their gas counterparts in purchase price, running costs, and maintenance needs.

With simple electric start buttons and no need for refueling or pulling chokes, electric lawn mowers are much easier to use than gas models, too. "Electric models are good for home use as they typically have lightweight aluminum frames and more user-friendly features than gas models," says Ian Spilsbury, a lawnmower maintenance professional at Chelmsford Garden Machinery.

When shopping for the best electric lawn mowers, you'll find that these models tend to have simple electric start buttons, lightweight aluminum frames, and even self-propelling features that make caring for your yard a lot less arduous. Our top pick for the best electric lawn mower is the Ego LM2102SP Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower because of its high-powered torque without the fumes of a gas-powered mower.

Here are the eight best electric lawn mowers.

Best Overall

EGO LM2102SP POWER+ 21" Self-Propelled Mower

EGO LM2102SP POWER+ 21" Self-Propelled Mower


Why You Should Get It: It's comparative to a gas model when it comes to high torque and power but doesn't come with the high maintenance needs or fumes of a gas mower.

Keep in Mind: At 94 pounds, this electric lawn mower is one of the heaviest push mowers on our list. It is self-propelled, but it'll take a bit of effort to move around when powered off.

Thanks to advancements in technology, electric mowers can now provide as much power as gas models, and a prime example is the Ego LM2102SP Cordless 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, our overall choice for the best electric lawn mower. Its battery lasts an impressive 60 minutes, and it only takes another 60 to fully charge it again, thanks to its rapid charger.

With a handy push-button start, easy height adjustment setting that fits a variety of users, and a detachable bag for lawn clippings, this mower allows for safe, easy, and fuss-free lawn maintenance.

The self-propelling feature helps you easily get up sloped hills, and at the highest deck setting (4 inches), it can navigate through lawns with debris like small stones and sticks (although we recommend picking up and removing debris before mowing, when possible). We also love the convenience of its bright LED lights, which provide greater visibility in shady parts of your lawn.

Its lightweight body is durable and weather-resistant, and though not a tiny mower, it folds up to around the size of a folded stroller, making it super easy to store at the end of mowing season.

Price at time of publish: $429

Product Details:

Power: Cordless 7.5-amp hour, 56-volt battery | Battery life: 60 minutes | Ideal lawn size: 1/4 to 1/2 acre | Deck width: 21 inches | Deck height: 1.5 to 4 inches (adjustable, six settings) | Mower weight: 94 pounds

Best Corded

BLACK+DECKER MM2000 20 in.13-Amp Corded Electric Push Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER MM2000 20 in.13-Amp Corded Electric Push Lawn Mower


Why You Should Get It: This corded mower is a great option if you'd rather not have to think about refueling or charging batteries in between mowing.

Keep in Mind: It doesn't come with a cord, so you'll need to purchase an extension cord before using it.

The economical Black+Decker electric walk-behind mower is great value for your money, as it doubles as both a mower and a mulcher. By repurposing the grass clippings into mulch and spreading them around the yard while you mow, you'll be creating a nutrient-rich top layer that contributes to your lawn's moisture, fertilization, weed control, and overall health.

If you have flower beds, this mower is a great option, because it has a precision deck that only cuts up to where you roll the mower, without inadvertently sucking in the nearby foliage.

In addition to the mulching capabilities, you also have the option to bag the clippings in the ample 13-gallon nylon bag or discharge them from the side chute. The nylon bag is sheer and see-through, so you can see when it's starting to get full. Plus, it's easy to remove and empty.

At under 50 pounds and with convenient built-in carry handles, this mower is a breeze to lift and store away, too. The only downside is that it doesn't come with a cord; you'll need to purchase an extension cord before you start mowing.

Price at time of publish: $219

Product Details:

Power: Corded electric, 13-amp motor | Battery life: N/A | Ideal lawn size: 1/4 to 1/2 acre | Deck width: 20 inches | Deck height: 1.5 to 4 inches (adjustable, 7 settings) | Mower weight: 46.85 pounds

Best Cordless

Toro 22" 60V MAX* Electric Battery SMARTSTOW Personal Pace High Wheel Mower

Toro Recycler 60-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Personal Pace Mower

 Courtesy of Home Depot

Why You Should Get It: If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear with bald and yellow patches, this mulching mower can recycle clippings into much-needed nutrients.

Keep in Mind: This mower does not come with a side discharge chute.

With a choice of two handlebar positions, nine deck heights, and even an adjustable speed setting, the Toro Recycler SmartStow electric mower provides just about the most comfortable mowing experience you can get from a walk-behind mower, making it our top pick for the best cordless electric lawn mower. You'll be able to adjust this mower's settings to fit your needs, regardless of your height, the length of your grass, or how tight your storage space is.

When it comes to your personal walking and mowing pace, however, you don't have to adjust a thing. This mower has an innovative 'personal pace' auto-drive transmission that learns how fast you walk and adjusts itself to your pace.

Aside from these personalized adjustments, this lawn mower is suitable for both flat and sloped terrain, and it can even sense when you're mowing uphill and help you along by amping up the power. Its 11-inch wheels provide superior traction even on slippery wet grass, thanks to their tread pattern that won't cause any dents or ugly marks on your lawn.

But by far the most impressive and useful feature is its recycling capability that turns lawn clippings into the finest mulch and distributes it straight back into your lawn as you mow. Keep in mind that this mulching lawn mower doesn't come with a side discharge chute. However, you can get one for free by registering your mower with Toro and requesting one.

Price at time of publish: $729

Product Details:

Power: Cordless 6-amp hour, 60-volt max lithium-ion battery | Battery life: 40 minutes | Ideal lawn size: 1/4 to 1/2 acre | Deck width: 22 inches | Deck height: 1 to 4 inches (adjustable, nine settings) | Mower weight: 95 pounds

Best Self-Propelled

Greenworks PRO 21 in. 60V Battery Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Greenworks PRO 21 in. 60V Battery Cordless Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Courtesy of Home Depot

Why You Should Get It: This mower's self-propelled technology matches your walking pace and drives itself forward with minimal pushing required.

Keep in Mind: This electric lawn mower doesn't work as well on yards larger than 2/3 of an acre.

Mowing the lawn can often be a sweaty and tedious chore, but at only 60 pounds, and with its self-propelling feature, the Greenworks Pro 60V cordless electric mower makes trimming the grass a practically effortless endeavor. In addition to its self-propulsion that makes it easy to push, this lightweight mower also speeds up and slows down with your walking pace.

There are seven deck height adjustments, so you can cut the length of your grass to suit your needs. It also comes with a rapid charger and two batteries that can be switched out as soon as one battery dies, meaning you won't have to stop to recharge partway through the yard.

Each battery provides 60 minutes of mow time, and the mower runs with minimal vibration to make mowing less tedious. Plus, it accomplishes more than just cutting grass—the mower is capable of bagging clippings, discharging them to the side, picking up leaves, and mulching. This means you don't have to purchase separate tools for different tasks; the Greenworks cordless electric mower does it all.

With a bunch of other convenient features such as bright LED headlights, foldable handles for easy storage, and an onboard battery indicator, this mower provides excellent value for money. In the event that this mower malfunctions, there's even a four-year limited tool and battery warranty to get it fixed or replaced.

This mower is the best self-propelled electric lawn mower for yards around 2/3 of an acre or smaller; if your yard is larger than this, you'll want to consider a riding mower.

Price at time of publish: $600

Product Details:

Power: Cordless 4-amp hour, 60-volt battery (comes with two batteries) | Battery life: 60 minutes per battery | Ideal lawn size: 2/3 acre | Deck width: 21 inches | Deck height: 1.38 to 4 inches (adjustable, seven settings) | Mower weight: 60 pounds

Best Riding

RYOBI RY48111 100 AH 38" Electric Riding Mower

RYOBI RY48111 100 AH 38" Electric Riding Mower


Why You Should Get It: With an impressive 2.5-hour run time, this riding mower provides quiet and comfortable seated mowing without stopping for a recharge.

Keep in Mind: It can take up to 17.5 hours to recharge this riding lawn mower, so it's not ideal for mowing tasks that will require multiple charges in one day.

Mowing two or more acres can be a huge challenge without a good ride-on mower that allows you to clip all that grass while comfortably seated. This electric model by Ryobi is a powerful option that's surprisingly quiet, considering its capabilities and size. When running, the Ryobi mower is only 70 dB—about as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Its cruise control allows the mower to effortlessly roll over all types of terrain, and, when going downhill, it will automatically limit its speed for added safety.

Landscaping enthusiasts will be pleased to note that this riding mower also has 12 adjustable deck heights—more than any other mower on this list—for more cutting options. It has a sturdy and durable 12-gauge steel deck to defend it against dings and rust, and there's even a USB phone charger on board to help you stay powered and connected (although we don't recommend using your phone while mowing for safety reasons).

We were especially impressed by this mower's battery length. With a single charge, you'll get up to 2.5 hours of run time, allowing you to mow your whole yard at once without stopping to recharge. However, this electric lawn mower does take a long time to fully recharge after use (17.5 hours), and overnight charging is recommended.

Product Details:

Power: Cordless 100-amp hour, 48-volt battery | Battery life: 2.5 hours | Ideal lawn size: Up to 2.5 acres | Deck width: 38 inches | Deck height: 1.5 to 4.5 inches (adjustable, 12 settings) | Mower weight: 678 pounds

Best Zero-Turn

Greenworks Pro 60V 42-Inch CrossoverZ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Greenworks Pro 60V 42-Inch CrossoverZ Zero Turn Lawn Mower


Why You Should Get It: The added features on this ride-on lawn mower are especially effective on large yards with uneven terrain.

Keep in Mind: This mower doesn't have power steering or cruise control.

With a zero-degree turning radius, the Greenworks CrossoverZ riding lawn mower allows you to zip up and down large lawns at up to 8 miles per hour, turning on a dime to mow clean and straight 42-inch swaths of grass at a time. This impressive machine can cut grass on rolling hills with slopes of up to 15 degrees like a champ, allowing you to effortlessly care for yards with rough terrain.

The Greenworks CrossoverZ lawn mower has no problem getting around obstacles thanks to its large 20-inch tires and zero-turn steering. Its high-back padded seat has back support and armrests, so even if you're mowing large parcels of land, you're not likely to get sore.

Recharging takes just 90 minutes, and extra features include bright dual-LED headlights for illuminating your mowing path, a USB charging port, and a cup holder. It can also connect to rear and front attachments (sold separately) and haul up to 200 pounds in the rear cargo hold, allowing the mower to assist with other gardening tasks.

Despite the lack of power steering and cruise control features (which would have been a nice touch at this price point), this ride-on mower is still easy to drive and maneuver, and it comes with a four-year limited warranty.

Price at time of publish: $5,000

Product Details:

Power: Cordless 8-amp hour, 60-volt batteries (six batteries are included) | Battery life: 60 minutes using all six batteries | Ideal lawn size: Up to 2.5 acres | Deck width: 42 inches | Deck height: 1.5 to 4.5 inches (adjustable, seven settings) | Mower weight: 456 pounds

Best Robot Lawn Mower

WORX WR165 Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre

WR165 Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah Robotic Lawn Mower 1/8 Acre


Why You Should Get It: This robot mower will do all the work of mowing your yard for you, and you won't even have to set foot outside.

Keep in Mind: This electric lawn mower has a tiny 8-inch deck width and is only suitable for yards under 1/8 of an-acre.

For those with very little time and small yards, the Worx Landroid robotic mower is a great way to get the yard work done without lifting a finger. Just like with robot vacuums, this electric lawn mower doesn't need you there to operate it—it'll trim the lawn all on its own.

This machine cleverly "learns" the mowing routes you set for it from the very first test run, and it follows the same parameters every time you set it to mow. You can operate it via Bluetooth or a WiFi-enabled smart device while watching from your window—or even set it to mow while you're away from home.

It won't go beyond its parameters once you set them, meaning you don't need to worry about your robot mower wandering off into the neighborhood or mowing all over your beautiful flower beds. It even knows when it's due for a recharge and will take itself to the charging dock. You'll get an alert on your smart device if it's been moved from its mowing area, but for extra security, you could add the optional Worx "Find My Landroid" accessory.

You might need to rescue this little machine from getting stuck every once in a while, but it's a small price to pay for having a perfectly trim and neat lawn without hardly having to lift a finger. It's also important to note that this electric lawn mower is designed for small yards—under 1/8 of an acre.

Price at time of publish: $1,000

Product Details:

Power: Cordless 2-amp hour, 20-volt battery | Battery life: Not listed | Ideal lawn size: Up to 1/8 acre | Deck width: 8 inches | Deck height: 1.5 to 3 inches (adjustable) | Mower weight: 49.9 pounds

Best Budget Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E 14 Inch 12 Amp Home Electric Corded Push Behind Lawn Mower

Sun Joe Push Lawn Mower

 Courtesy of the Home Depot

Why You Should Get It: At under $100, this budget mower is a cost-effective way to keep the lawn neat and tidy.

Keep in Mind: This electric mower is not advised for use on uneven terrain or over thick and unruly grass.

If you're looking for a very basic lawn cutting machine that requires practically zero maintenance and doesn't come with a learning curve, then the Sun Joe lawn mower is a great bet. Though there are many inexpensive lawn mowers available on the market, you'll often notice a huge difference in quality on these cheaper models.

Not many can boast the Sun Joe MJ401E corded electric model's tough steel blade, which neatly and evenly snips grass in just one pass. It also has rugged all-terrain tires and a rust-resistant deck to keep your mower in good condition long term.

You'll be able to collect lawn clippings in the easy-to-empty 10.6-gallon hard-top collection bag, so your yard won't be littered with cut grass once you're done mowing. What's more, the manufacturer even provides a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

The Sun Joe electric lawn mower weighs just 29 pounds and has a collapsible handle, which makes storing it away super easy when it's not in use. Its rugged tires allow you to navigate over and around obstacles, but its lower cutting deck makes it best suited for mowing small yards that aren't uneven or hilly.

Price at time of publish: $108

Product Details:

Power: Corded electric, 12-amp motor | Ideal lawn size: 1/4 to 1/2 acre | Deck width: 14 inches | Deck height: 1.18 to 2.52 inches (adjustable, three positions) | Mower weight: 29 pounds

The Bottom Line

With a durable build, impressive runtime of 60 minutes, and only a 60-minute charge time, the Ego LM2102SP Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower tops our best electric lawn mowers list. It has a sturdy frame that can take a hit from a stray rock or two, and when you're done mowing, it folds up neatly and compactly, taking up minimal storage space.

If storage space isn't a problem, and you're looking to make an investment for maintaining a larger property, the Greenworks 42-Inch 60V Battery Electric CrossoverZ Zero Turn Lawn Mower is our favorite electric ride-on mower. It's quiet, emits no fumes, and has a zero-degree turning radius. Plus, it only takes an hour to fully charge up.

What to Know About Electric Lawn Mowers Before Shopping


Electric lawn mowers either come in corded electric or cordless battery-powered options. A corded model will likely need a good outdoor extension lead in order to grant you more mowing freedom to reach all corners of your yard.

Cordless electric lawn mowers give you the freedom to travel all across your yard without a power outlet, but you'll need to be mindful of its battery life or purchase extra batteries if you have a larger yard and don't want to wait for the battery to recharge.

"The higher the voltage, the longer the mower will last," says Jason Swanson, vice president of global product development and management at Greenworks Tools. "The grass type and height can also factor into lawnmower run times. For instance, a larger, tougher lawn may take more time than a smaller, more maintained lawn."

As a basic guide, 24-volt mowers can last around 20 to 30 minutes, whereas an 80-volt mower can run up to 60-minutes on a single charge. "If you have a mower with two batteries, you get double the runtime," Swanson says.

Property Size

The best electric lawn mower for you will also depend on the size of your yard. "For yards over an acre, electric riding mowers are a great choice, whereas walk-behind electric mowers are the best option for yards ranging from 1/4 to 1 acre," Swanson says.

According to Swanson, the recommended lawn mower voltage corresponds to the size of the yard you're mowing. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the yard, the more voltage your electric lawn mower should have.

  • 1/4 acre—24 volts
  • 1/3 acre—40 volts
  • 1/2 acre—60 volts
  • 1 acre—80 volts

Cutting Deck

Also known as the swath or mowing width, the width of a lawn mower's cutting deck denotes how much lawn can be mowed by the machine in a single pass. The deck's height determines the length the grass will be once cut. Decks with an adjustable height give users the choice of selecting different grass lengths for more landscaping design options.

Weight and Size

Electric lawn mowers tend to be lighter than their gas counterparts, making them easier to lift and store away if necessary. This also means they are ideal for anyone with limited storage space. Collapsible handles can also contribute to these mowers' space-saving abilities.

When it comes to taking up space, ride-on lawn mowers are the hardest to store since they are much larger than a push mower and cannot be condensed. However, these types of lawn mowers are only really recommended for anyone with many acres of lawn to tend to and who probably already have a storage shed or two that can fit a riding mower.

Your Questions, Answered

What should I look for in an electric lawn mower before buying?

The best electric lawn mower for you is highly dependent on the size of your yard and whether or not you need it to perform other functions, such as mulching.

"There are several factors that consumers should consider when choosing a lawnmower," Swanson says. "These include cost, deck height adjustment, available storage space, and convertible options. Finding a mower with convertible options, such as push style, self-propelled wheels, built-in side discharging, mulching, and bagging, will save you from having to spend extra money on additional equipment later down the line."

How often should you mow your lawn?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to determine how often you should mow the lawn. Your lawn's needs will vary depending on the weather, the time of year, your location's climate, and the type of grass you have. A rapidly growing tropical grass, like zoysia, should be mowed once a week (or more), whereas a slower growing grass, like fescue, can get away with a once-a-month trimming, maybe even less.

In general, your lawn will likely need trimming somewhere between once a week and once a month. However, you should not cut off more than a third of the grass blade's length, as doing so can cause damage to the grass and lead to an unsightly and unhealthy lawn.

How do you clean and maintain an electric mower?

Electric lawn mowers don't need more than a wipe down after use. Top mower brand Ryobi, for instance, strongly recommends against using water to clean an electric mower and suggests using a blower or air compressor instead. You'll also want to take care of the blades on your electric lawn mower.

"Blunt lawn mower blades will pull the grass instead of cut it," Spilsbury says. "This can lead to bald and yellow patches on the lawn. A yearly check to make sure the blades are still sharp or to see whether they need to be replaced can help extend the tool's life and protect the health of your lawn."

How should you store an electric mower?

While the best electric lawn mowers are designed to be waterproof and resistant to the elements, it's always a good idea to store your lawn mower in a clean, dry place for greater longevity. This will help preserve the lifespan of your lawn mower and minimize the need for repairs or purchasing a replacement mower.

What is the lifespan of an electric mower's battery?

A cordless electric lawn mower's battery can last up to five years with proper care. To maintain your battery, you'll need to keep the terminals clean and dry during the mowing season, remove the battery during colder months, and make sure it's stored in a clean, dry place. A good indicator of how long the manufacturer expects the battery to last is the warranty it provides on the battery; for example, Greenworks offers a four-year warranty on its mowers' batteries, meaning you can expect the batteries to last at least four years before needing to be replaced.

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