No rain? No problem! Tap into our pool of products to sail through dry weather knowing your thirsty potted plants, garden beds, and lawn have everything they need to stay healthy and hydrated. As a bonus, they're all available on Amazon!

By Risa Quade

You spent hundreds of dollars on annuals and laying sod in tricky areas of the lawn just to have a hot and dry summer. So what do you do? Since you can't will it to rain, try some of these products for easy dry lawn solutions. Keep your plants from getting scorched so you can have a growing season that isn't brown and wilted.

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Lightweight Hose

Nothing makes watering more of a chore than a heavy hose. Maneuver around the garden more easily with a slim hose. This model weights 45 percent less than traditional hoses and contains no lead, BPA, or phthalates.

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In-Ground Vessel

For a natural, traditional approach to healthy watering practices, try an olla pot. Partially bury this terra-cotta vessel in the ground to allow water to slowly seep to a plant’s roots. The pot has to be filled only once a week or so, cutting back on watering time.

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Programmable Timer

Simply hook this device to a spigot, program your water cycles, attach the hose, and go do other things (or go on vacation without worries). An EcoFunction promotes deep soaking and minimizes runoff, while a rain-delay feature suspends the program for up to 6 days.

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Bright Hose Nozzle

Get more out of your hose with an attachable head. You can even color-coordinate your hose nozzle with patio cushions or the hues of your favorite blooms. It changes pressure with a simple slide of your thumb.

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Soaker Hose System

Can't find a soaker hose that's just the right size for your raised vegetable garden? Try the Snip-n-Soak, an irrigation hose that you can cut to size. The regular hose is made of recycled rubber and easily connects to the irrigation hoses with couplers.

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Slow Drip Irrigation

Avoid evaporation and runoff by delivering water directly above thirsty root balls with a drip session. A starter kit is perfect for small beds or up to six containers. You can cut and shape the hose to work for your garden.

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Water Globe

Mix beauty and function by tucking a blown-glass ball and terra-cotta spike combo into your hanging plantings or a large container. Fill the ball with water, and the porous terracotta slowly releases it into the soil. It waters up to five days!

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Oversize Watering Can

Reduce trips to the faucet with a lightweight yet durable plastic watering can that holds up to 3 gallons of water. A removable stainless-steel rose allows you to moderate the flow.

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High-Tech Rain Gauge

With a wireless rain gauge, you can check outdoor conditions without leaving your chair. The self-emptying rain collector wirelessly reports rainfall amounts and outdoor temperatures to an indoor monitor with LCD display. The monitor also tracks rainfall amounts for the previous 365 days, so you’ll know if you’ve received an inch of rainfall during the past week or if you need to get out and water.

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May 26, 2019
Personally, I find the combination of a soaker hose and inexpensive "egg timer" device works best. Gardening does not have to be expensive. If you look at most of these gadgets/timers, they are overpriced. By the time you buy one for your front yard, one for the back, one for the raised bed, etc., you've spent more than the actual watering for a month would cost. No need to complicate things; gardening is supposed to be fun AND affordable.