Caring for Your Yard

Taking care of your lawn and garden doesn't have to be an overwhelming undertaking. We've got plenty of tips to make it easy, including picking the right plants and how to water, fertilize, and maintain them for best results.

You Might Want to Skip Cleaning Up Leaves This Fall—Here's Why

It’s that time of year when fallen leaves are everywhere. But before you start raking and blowing them all away, you may want to keep those leaves around instead to help out your garden and the environment.
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Why, When, and How to Dethatch a Lawn

Restore your grass so it is lush and green for the long-term by learning why, when, and how to dethatch a lawn. These lawn dethatching tips will help you become an expert in no time.
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5 of Our Favorite Long-Lasting Garden Essentials

You want garden gear you can count on from growing season to growing season. Try some of our favorite picks.
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More Caring for Your Yard

How to Make Compost

Compost is the gift that keeps on giving. Cut back on food waste and turn your scraps into "black gold" that will feed and enrich your garden.
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8 Reasons to Not Mow Your Lawn

We know it sounds crazy, but giving the tractor a break will really help your yard.