What is Causing the Leaves on My Tomato Plant to Curl and Roll Up?

The leaves on my tomato plant are curled and rolled up. I don't see any bugs or leaf spots. What's causing this?

Some varieties of tomato develop a physiological leaf roll. 'Beefsteak', 'Big Boy', and 'Floramerica' are three susceptible varieties. The margins of leaves roll inward toward the central vein, and leaflets become leathery. 

Fluctuating soil moisture, excessive heat, or heavy pruning are the usual causes. The problem is mostly cosmetic; tomato yields are unaffected. If you'd like to avoid the problem, grow a variety that is less susceptible to leaf roll, maintain consistent soil moisture by mulching and watering as necessary, and avoid heavy pruning of your tomatoes.

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  1. I have three tomato plants. Each of them has some mild Leaf rolling at the leaves at the very end of the branches. On a couple of leaves, the roll is longitudinal; that is, the 'sides' of the leaves are curling, upwards,toward their midline. Also, two of the plants have branches that have twisted over, about 120 degrees, nearly upside down. What is the cause of that Branch roll?

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