Shoppers Say They Get 'Delicious and Plentiful Results' from This Vegetable Garden Kit

And it’s 40% off at Amazon this weekend only.

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Plant Theatre Funky Veg Garden Starter Kit
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

We're just a few weeks away from spring, and with it, the beginning of gardening season. Many experienced gardeners in colder climates use this time to set themselves up for a bountiful plot months from now by starting indoors. If you're new to starting a garden or want to change up the vegetables you typically plant and get a head start on the growing season, check out the Plant Theatre Funky Vegetable Garden Starter Kit, which has nearly 6,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers.

The kit makes it easy for gardeners of all skill levels (even none at all) to get started growing vegetables and leafy greens. The "funky" vegetable kit, named after the colorful and unique crops it yields, comes with five seed packets for growing cosmic purple carrots, golden zucchini squash, purple Rubine Brussels sprouts, Tigerella striped tomatoes, and rainbow chard. It also includes five small growing pots, five peat disks to plant the seeds in, five plant markers to label each pot, and a booklet full of growing tips and tricks. And this weekend only, it's on sale for 40% off thanks to a clickable on-page coupon.

Plant Theatre Funky Veg Garden Starter Kit
Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Plant Theatre Funky Vegetable Garden Starter Kit, $14 (was $23), Amazon

The kit works in nearly the same way you'd attempt to grow any plant from a seed inside a pot; the main difference is that instead of potting soil, the kit uses peat disks that you need to soak in water to rehydrate. After you squeeze out the excess water, all you have to do is place the disks inside the cute little pots and gently push seeds about a quarter-inch into the top of the soil. After that, water as usual until the little sprouts start to work their way upwards.

Several shoppers said that they gave this kit as a gift to the gardeners in their lives and that it was a hit. One even mentioned that their giftee had bought the kit for themselves the previous year and was "thrilled to get it" again because they loved it so much the first time around. "They reported that they got delicious and plentiful results!" the shopper wrote.

Another reviewer said that this was their first time planting from seeds and they were "so impressed" with the results. "We had almost 100% germination," they said, adding that the instructions were "easy to follow." The shopper was so pleased, they also said they'd buy a different kit from the brand in the future. And a third wrote that they "couldn't be happier" with how "easy and fun" the kits are, but noted that they wished the instructions were more clear about how many seeds to add to each pot. "But I'm extremely happy with my purchase," they added.

Get your garden going before it's time to head outside—and have fun while you do it—with the Plant Theatre Funky Vegetable Garden Starter Kit while it's still on sale at Amazon.

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