The 7 Best Indoor Garden Systems for Growing Edible Plants at Home

These high-tech devices do (almost) all the work for you and can fit on your counter.

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indoor growing systems
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From the living room window of my two-bedroom apartment, I can see my 8 X 4-foot steel balcony. Sure, I can grow a few flowers out there, but it's obviously not the ideal space for keeping a big variety of plants. Indoors, I have several houseplants (including my beloved fiddle-leaf fig), of course. But I've been feeling a little jealous of those who can grow their own fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits right in their backyard and use the bounty to make their meals. I thought I'd have to settle for store-bought produce and herbs, until I found these indoor growing kits that make it possible to grow many edible plants in a small space in my home.

Even if you do have plenty of outdoor gardening space, these indoor growing kits are still a great investment. You'll be able to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables all year long, whether it's scorching hot or freezing cold outside. Plus, the kits make growing plants from seeds indoors easy and convenient. Many of these compact gadgets do nearly all the work for you, and when you do have to tend to your little indoor garden, you don't have to schlep a bunch of tools outside and get dirty doing hours of work. (Although that can be plenty of fun!) Plus, these indoor growing kits make great gifts for a friend or family member who loves to garden. (Many presents, decor, and even Christmas trees are going to be in short supply this year, so you may want to start your holiday shopping now.)

Rise Gardens Personal Garden and Starter Kit

rise gardens personal garden
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This smart garden will figure everything out for you. Just download the Rise Gardens app to your device and it will tell you when to add nutrients and water and adjust the lighting. Plus, the app will also inform you when it's time to harvest your bounty. The unit has LED lights that act like the sun and a one-gallon self-watering system that needs to be refilled about once per week. It measures 18 X 11 X 16 inches and comes with a starter kit that includes eight seed pods. The first herb pack includes basil, cilantro, parsley, and common sage. The salad pack features lettuces, arugula, and mizuna mustard. You'll also receive one week's worth of hydroponic nutrients with your purchase. To buy different seed pods or to check out larger options, check out the Rise Gardens website.

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System

moistenland hydrophonoic system
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Although this system is compact (just 9 X 5 X 2 inches), you can grow 12 different plants in it at once. The device features an LED grow light panel with an automatic on and off timer, an air and water circulation system, and two grow modes. The vegetable mode uses blue light to encourage leaf growth, and the fruit mode features red light to get the flowers growing. The system comes with 12 grow baskets, sponges, and domes, but you'll have to purchase the seeds to put in them.

AeroGarden Harvest

aerogarden harvest indoor
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The AeroGarden is one of the most popular and top-rated indoor growing systems on the market. (Plus, it's on sale right now!) The unit is 6 X 10.5 X 17 inches and features 20-watt LED growing lights that automatically turn on and off. A control panel reminds you to add water and plant food when needed. It has the space to grow six different plants, and each purchase comes with seeds for: curly parsley, dill, Genovese basil, mint, Thai basil, and thyme. You'll also receive enough plant food for one season. The product has a nearly perfect 5-star rating from more than 11,600 customers. One happy buyer wrote: "I am so happy with my Harvest!!! Took me only a month to enjoy my herbs and 2 months for cherry tomatoes. It is easy to set up. Plus the instructions are clear." Choose from three colors: black, white, and mint.

AeroGarden Farm 24 Basic

aergogarden farm salad bar

This other AeroGarden kit is similar to the Harvest version, but it's bigger, so you can grow even more seeds. (And, it's also on sale for a discount of nearly $200. It's 14 X 36 X 22.5 inches, has 60-watt LED grow lights, and can hold 24 pods. With your purchase, you'll get a selection of heirloom greens, herbs, and tomatoes, plus plant food to grow your seeds for one season.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

click and grow garden pods
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

If you're big on basil, this sleek system is for you. The growing kit features a 40 fluid-ounce tank that can hold enough water for up to three weeks and a pole with three LED lights that have an automatic on and off switch. It comes with three biodegradable pods filled with basil seeds. Once you harvest your basil, you can purchase a variety of different seed packs. The device measures 12 X 5 X 18.5 inches.

Véritable Smart Garden

veritable smart garden
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Of course, when an appliance is set out on your counter, design is important. This beautiful kit features two adjustable LED lights with an automatic on and off switch and a 68 fluid-ounce reservoir that holds enough water for your plants for four weeks. It measures 13 X 7 X 15 inches and holds four capsules. With your purchase, you'll receive an assortment of chives, curly parsley, basil, and thyme. Along with herb and lettuce pods, you can also buy edible flower capsules. If you like this option, be sure to check out the Véritable Connect Garden.

Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System

miracle gro indoor growing garden
Courtesy of Target

Not only does this system grow plants indoors, but it also acts as a side table that you can place in your living room. The stand is 16 X 13 X 34 inches, has an LED grow light with three different modes, a two-gallon water reservoir, a water-level sensor, and a recirculating pump. It can grow four different plants at a time, and you just have to add your favorite seeds or young plants to the capsules. Your system comes with an instruction book for planting and growing, a seed starting kit, transplanting kit, plant nutrients, and an accessories storage bag. You can even connect the grower to your phone via Bluetooth and control the watering and light from your device. One buyer gives this system a 5-star review and writes, "It was so easy and fun to set up! It adds such a nice touch to my home & has really helped me improve my green-thumb creds!"

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