Lemon Tree

Latin pronunciation: (SI-trus ly-MOHN)

Lemon tree grows slowly indoors, but its scented white blossoms, fruit, and glossy green leaves make it an attractive plant.

Lemon tree
  • LIGHT: Place in high light (full sun) during winter and medium (bright) light the rest of the year. Summer outdoors, gradually exposing to bright light over a period of 14 days.
  • WATER: Allow soil surface to dry out between thorough waterings. Mist daily.
  • TEMPERATURE: Maintain cool temperatures (to low 50s) for best growth. Tolerates average temperatures. Keep cool during bloom, if possible.


Use an acid soil or acid fertilizer. Feed every 14 days during active growth. Wash leaves monthly. Prune ruthlessly to control size. Propagate easily by seed anytime or with difficulty from stem cuttings taken from firm, new growth in spring.


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