Who says that growing space has to be limited to the area on the ground. With vines, you can go up, up, up -- along walls, trellises, or other structures. It's a way to save gardening ground, as well as add beauty in unexpected but welcome spaces. Vines can be annual or perennial, and both have a place in the garden.

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Chelsea Garden Show Announces New Flower in Honor of Meghan Markle
The Royal Horticultural Society has added two more royal namesake clematis varieties to their collection: Clematis 'Meghan' and Clematis 'Prince Louis.'
Backyard Bartending: Growing Hops at Home
What's brewing at home? Beer! Beer making is on the rise as a hobby and a business. Luckily, growing your own hops—one of the key ingredients of beer—is easy.
How Can I Get My Climbing Hydrangea to Bloom?
I planted a climbing hydrangea about five years ago and it has climbed nicely up a wooden fence but refuses to bloom. It is in a spot which receives morning sun. Last year I tried pruning some of it back in an effort to force it to bloom. I've seen them grown with lovely blooms, which is what prompted me to try it. If it doesn't bloom soon it will hit the compost pile!! I've noticed that Japanese beetles seem to love it in late summer. Any help from you would be most appreciated!

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Why Won't It Bloom?
Get tips to encourage those stubborn plants in your yard to burst into bloom.

Dripping with clusters of purple, white, or pink flowers in spring, wisteria is a dreamy vine for any gardener willing to invest the effort to meet wisteria’s growing requirements.