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The art form of bonsai has a long and rich history. The name itself translates to “planted in a container,” which is a fitting description of the petite trees or shrubs grown in small vessels. For the uninitiated, the Japanese practice was actually inspired by an ancient Chinese tradition of creating miniature landscapes. It later evolved into growing and shaping individual plants that we now know as bonsai trees.

Bonsai Starter Kit The Complete Growing Kit
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Today, you can find the mini trees at nurseries or even from local vendors, but growing your own is much more fun. Bonsai trees can be a bit tricky to create at first, but if you’re up for the challenge, this starter kit has everything you'll need. It comes with seeds for four different types of trees that work well for bonsai: Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine, Norway spruce, royal poinciana, and blue jacaranda.

The kit also includes biodegradable pots, expanding soil discs, bamboo plant markers, a moisture meter, and step-by-step instructions. With the detailed guide and supplies, the kit can help everyone from beginners to gardening pros grow their own miniature trees. Your budding bonsai trees can grow indoors all year round, and outdoors from spring to fall.

Amazon shoppers confirm that the kit is pretty foolproof, but they say patience is key. “[I would] absolutely recommend this kit,” one reviewer writes. “A word of warning, of course: Be patient! Don’t expect a thick trunked bonsai tree anytime soon; it’s going to take a very, very long time,” they add.

Others note that the brand provides excellent customer service and checks in to see how your trees are growing and to offer advice. “My bonsai has already sprouted, and is coming along nicely… But the best thing about this product is the customer service,” another reviewer says. “They actually take an interest in how things are going, and are willing to help you through anything.”

Order this comprehensive kit from Amazon for just $28 to try your hand at the Japanese tradition of growing bonsai trees.


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