The 6 Best Hydrangeas from the BH&G Test Garden

Hydrangeas add interest and height to any garden. These flowering shrubs are extremely diversified, varying in colors, sizes, shapes, and more. Here are our six favorite hydrangea varieties in the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden®.

Hydrangeas always make a statement in the garden. This flowering shrub has many varieties, all coming in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Here at the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden, we are lucky to have a few of our favorite hydrangea varieties planted to grace us with color year after year.

'Let's Dance Diva'

This bigleaf hydrangea features lacecap-type blooms. This variety will produce flowers on both new and old wood. The flowers vary in color based on the soil the shrub is planted in: light pink in basic soil and light blue in acidic soil. The dark leaves make the pale-colored flowers pop.

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This variety produces pink to purple blooms. 'Freebird' features full, mophead-type blooms. Another bigleaf variety, the flowering shrub has dark green foliage.

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'Little Quickfire'

This variety is a panicle hydrangea, meaning the blooms form in a conical shape. It typically blooms a month earlier than other hydrangeas of its type. The flowers start white, but often attain hues of pink throughout the summer and into fall.

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'Bobo' is another panicle variety with conical blooms. The shrub has a more compact shape in comparison to other hydrangeas of its type. This variety has large blooms, and strong stems to hold them up naturally. The flowers start white and gradually attire pink and purple tones.  

'Color Fantasy'

This bigleaf variety features mophead blooms in either bright pink or deep purple. The leaves are dark green and glossy. This variety grows smaller than others of its type, making it perfect for a smaller yard.


This panicle variety is unique for its drastic color change from summer to fall. The large conical blooms transform from white in the summer to a rich, pomegranate-pink in the fall. The blooms are held up by naturally-strong stems. 

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  1. Please add sizes of shrubs you recommend. The pics are lovely, but i will have to look most of the sizes up, when it would save time to narrow it down quickly as to size.

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