Caring for Trees & Shrubs

Trees, shrubs, and vines are essential elements in your landscape, adding structure, texture, and color as well as establishing focal points. Fortunately, taking care of trees, shrubs, and vines can be easy, but it does require knowing the basics, and learning insider tips will help your plants reach their full potential.

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If you can grow peach trees in your climate, consider yourself lucky. However, there are a few things you should know about common peach tree diseases and pests.

How to Prune Evergreens

Although they all fall under the category of 'evergreen,' different varieties and species have different pruning needs and techniques. Here's your guide to pruning different types of evergreens.

More Caring for Trees & Shrubs

Tree & Shrub Care Guide

Use these tips to ensure the trees and shrubs in your landscape stay healthy and beautiful.


This small tree offers abundant white blooms in spring, delicious berries in summer, and fiery foliage in fall.

Great Pruning Tools To Use In Your Yard

Primed for pruning? Grab the right tool before you start.