Vertical succulent gardens add dimension and effortless beauty to any space. Use these eight unique ideas to elevate your succulent garden game—literally.

By Claire Harmeyer

Low-maintenance, versatile, and exotic, succulents are dream plants. Adaptable to many types of growing conditions, succulents will likely work in whatever space you’re looking to fill with green. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, succulents have got you covered, ready to create a stunning display with little care needed. Choose from spiky or rubbery, green or purple, small or large, and everything in between. If you think you can't take care of a plant, think again—succulents require very little hands-on time and expertise.

Thanks to their natural beauty, it’s easy to make a stunning succulent garden, but we have some ideas that can elevate succulents’ allure. Vertical succulent gardens create a dynamic display to add height and interest to a space. Making one can be as simple as propping an old shovel up and filling it with moss and trailing varieties that spill over the sides. Or, an antique frame can become a living mosaic filled with lush succulents. DIY vertical succulent gardens can take the form of wreaths, hanging orbs, tiered planters, or even a vintage metal sign. We’ll get you thinking outside of the box with these unique succulent garden ideas.

Living Succulent Wall

Living wall art is all the rage right now, with moss, branches, and succulents covering walls of public spaces everywhere. Even though these vertical gardens might seem extravagant, you can easily create your own living succulent wall at home. This project will liven up your space—indoors or outdoors—and will even help purify the air you breathe. Personalize your living wall art by choosing different sizes, colors, and shapes of plants. We scattered a variety of EcheveriaSenecio, and sedum around our vertical succulent garden to create a gorgeous design.

Make it yourself: Living Succulent Wall

Living Succulent Picture Frame

Forget average frames filled with photos—add a truly unique element to your walls with this personalized project. Make use of an antique frame you have lying around the house and breathe new life into it with a stunning succulent design. Although it may look elaborate, this DIY vertical succulent garden can be created in just a few hours—and with proper care, its beauty will last for months. Simply lay the frame flat and water the succulents about once a month, letting dry before hanging again. This living mosaic is a true showstopper.

Make it yourself: Succulent Picture Frame

Succulent Wreath

Welcome guests into your home with a gorgeous succulent wreath in your entryway. This succulent garden puts a modern twist on the traditional greenery wreath, and we might never go back! The variety of colors and shapes of succulents will make a true statement on your door or wall. Make sure to keep your newly-assembled DIY wreath out of direct sunlight for a week before gradually increasing light levels to full exposure. Water the wreath every three to ten weeks, depending on how dry it feels.

Make it yourself: Succulent Wreath

Succulent Shovel Planter

Have an old garden shovel lying around collecting dust? Upcycle would-be garbage into a gorgeous vertical succulent garden in just a few simple steps. Gather moss, cactus soil mix, and a variety of succulents. Arrange the plants atop a bed of moss and let trailing varieties drape down to create a striking display. Place your finished DIY vertical succulent garden against a tree, shed, or patio wall and enjoy the vintage beauty it offers.

Make it yourself: Succulent Shovel Planter

Succulent Monogram Planter

Add a personal touch to your indoor or outdoor space by topping a table with this monogram succulent garden. Step into your local flea market and you’ll likely find a variety of funky letters for sale, making the perfect vessel for succulents. The combination of distressed metal and fresh plants creates an effortlessly charming accent that will fit in any space. This DIY succulent garden will make a statement wherever you find a home for it, whether it stands on a surface or hangs on a wall.

Make it yourself: Succulent Monogram Planter

Hanging Succulent Ball

Take your hanging basket game to a whole new level with this beautiful hanging succulent ball. Ideal for the extreme succulent lover, this type of vertical succulent garden requires a lot of plants to fill the orb. Hang this DIY on your porch for a warm welcome inside, or attach it to the side of a shed in your backyard for a stunning plant display. To water, take the orb down from its chains and submerge it for about 10 minutes. To say we're obsessed with this hanging succulent garden is an understatement.

Make it yourself: Hanging Succulent Ball

Succulent Tower Planter

Talk about a showstopper. This tiered planter overflows with colorful succulents, creating a dynamic vertical succulent garden that truly wows. When gathering supplies for this vertical succulent garden, make sure to pick some trailing plant varieties that will hang over the pots’ edges—this will add a dash of drama.

Make it yourself: Succulent Tower Planter

Heart-Shape Concrete Wall Hanging

If you can't seem to hide your love for succulents, this project is for you. This heart-shape vertical hanging succulent garden is the perfect way to show off your admiration for these low-maintenance plants. Making a vertical succulent garden with concrete is easier than it sounds—it might even turn out to be your new favorite gardening material, as concrete planters are simple to make. This vertical succulent garden makes the perfect gift for a loved one with its tender shape and easy upkeep.


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