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Water Snowflake

Delicate flowers and glossy leaves make this easy-to-grow water garden plant a favorite. The yellow form is also called floating heart, thanks to the heart-shape leaves that float like water lily leaves on the pond surface. Add water snowflake to in-ground water gardens or container gardens. Unlike some water garden plants, water snowflake is generally well-behaved and doesn’t overtake nearby plants.

genus name
  • Nymphoides
  • Part Sun
  • Sun
plant type
  • Under 6 inches
  • 1-2 feet wide
flower color
foliage color
season features
special features
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

Using Water Snowflakes

Combine water snowflake with other petite water plants for a texture-rich water garden in a dish or large pot. Great plant partners include water lettuce and water hyacinth. Both water lettuce and water hyacinth can spread aggressively. Remove vigorous plants to prevent them from overtaking water snowflake. Miniature water lilies are also wonderful companions for water snowflake.

How to Care For Water Snowflake

Water snowflake grows best in 1 to 2 feet of standing water and planted in rich, sandy soil. It will also thrive when planted in submerged containers. Water snowflake doesn't tolerate moving water, so place it away from waterfalls and fountains. Watch for the fringed flowers to emerge from short stalks in midsummer. Water snowflake is hardy in Zones 8 and above but can be overwintered indoors in a greenhouse or an aquarium equipped with a grow light. To overwinter, bring plants indoors before the first frost. Most gardeners choose to grow it as an annual plant in areas where it is not winter hardy.

Water snowflake is easy to divide. Simply dig up the plant or lift the submerged container from the water. Using a sharp spade, divide the root ball into sections so each section has at least 3 or 4 stems and leaves. Then replant divisions.

More Varieties of Water Snowflake

White water snowflake

Nymphoides cristata bears heart-shape and star-shape flowers that resemble snowflakes. The plant grows about 3 feet wide. Zones 8-11

Yellow water snowflake

Nymphoides peltata features heart-shape leaves and small 1-inch fringed yellow flowers that float on the surface of the water. Zones 6-11


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