Moonflower Vines

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Garden Plans For Moonflower Vines

Moonflower Vines Overview

Description This stunning vine offers big, 6-inch-wide pure-white flowers that open at dusk and release a sweet fragrance all night long. It's a delight watching the trumpet-shape flowers unfurl from spiraled, cone-shape buds. Moonflower is usually grown as an annual, but it is a perennial in the tropics.
Genus Name Ipomoea alba
Common Name Moonflower Vines
Plant Type Annual, Perennial, Vine
Light Sun
Height 8 to 20 feet
Width null to 15 feet
Flower Color White
Season Features Fall Bloom, Summer Bloom
Special Features Fragrance, Good for Containers, Low Maintenance
Zones 10, 11
Propagation Seed, Stem Cuttings
Problem Solvers Deer Resistant
Moon Garden
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