Leek Overview

Description Leeks are like delicate onions. They add their rich but subtle flavor to everything from creamy sauces to soups and stews. They're a must for any food enthusiast's garden.Plant leek seeds directly in the garden a month before the last frost date, or start them indoors and transplant outside at the time of the average last frost. Mound soil around stems to exclude light and produce long white shanks. This frost-hardy plant can be harvested long after many other garden vegetables.
Genus Name Allium porrum
Common Name Leek
Plant Type Vegetable
Light Sun
Height 6 to 12 inches
Width 1 to 2 inches
Propagation Seed
Harvest Tips Begin harvesting leeks when the stem is at least 1/2 inch in diameter. In mild-winter regions, overwinter leeks in the garden and continue harvesting in spring. In cold areas, mulch with 4-6 inches of straw to protect overwintering plants.

More varieties for Leek


'Giant Musselburgh' leek

Allium porrum 'Giant Musselburgh' is a Scottish heirloom variety that produces 2- to 3-inch-thick stems. It is exceptionally cold tolerant and matures in 100 days.


'King Richard' leek

Allium porrum 'King Richard' is a tall, thin variety that matures just 75 days after transplanting.

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