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Add an international touch to your vegetable garden with Asian greens. They come in a fascinating array of colors and textures. Some have curled or rounded leaves, while others produce feathery, deeply lobed leaves. Leaf colors range, too, from deep red to light green. Flavors vary from mild to spicy, so experiment — an easy thing to do because they're fast and easy to grow from an inexpensive packet of seeds. Plant Asian greens in early spring or late summer so that plants will mature in cool weather.

Asian Greens Overview

Genus Name Brassica_ spp.
Common Name Asian Greens
Plant Type Vegetable
Light Part Sun, Sun
Height 6 to 12 inches
Width 6 to 24 inches
Propagation Seed

Varieties of Asian Greens



Komatsuna is an upright plant that bears medium green leaves with white stalks. Plants are ready to harvest 35 days after seeding.

'Green Spray' Mibuna

¿Green Spray¿ mibuna Asian greens

'Green spray' features straplike leaves that add a mildy spicy flavor to salads. The plants grow 12 inches tall. Plants mature in 40 days.

'Kyoto' Mizuna


'Kyoto' bears deeply fringed leaves that are borne on thin white leaf stalks. They add a decorative touch to the garden and mildly spicy flavor to salads. Plants mature in 45 days.

'Red Giant' Red Mustard

Mustard greens

'Red giant' grows 1-2 feet tall and has broad purplish-red leaves. Young leaves add zing to salads; older leaves should be cooked for best flavor. Plants mature in 43 days.

'Florida Broadleaf' Mustard Greens


'Florida Broadleaf' resembles spinach but has a snappier flavor. The plant, which matures in 45 days, is used as steamed greens.



Mustard is a multipurpose plant. The greens are used for salads and in cooking, and the seeds are used for spices and in condiments. The seeds of different varieties yield various colors of mustard, ranging from yellow to brown. Mustard grows best in cool weather in a sunny, well-drained location.


Tatsoi Asian green

Tatsoi features deep green, crinkled leaves and forms a compact rosette. The spoon-shape leaves have a mild mustard flavor. Plants mature in 45 to 50 days.

Garden Plan for Asian Greens

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