Ginkgo Overview

Description It's a magical sight when the ruffled, fan-shape leaves of the ginkgo tree turn gold in fall. The delicate appearance of this ancient tree belies its toughness in city conditions. Smog-, pest-, and drought-tolerant, the ginkgo will grow in either acidic or alkaline soil. Ginkgos are slow-growing and make excellent street trees. Select cultivars rather than species to avoid growing female trees; they produce foul-smelling fruit.
Genus Name Ginkgo biloba
Common Name Ginkgo
Plant Type Tree
Light Sun
Height 20 to 20 feet
Width 30 to 80 feet
Season Features Colorful Fall Foliage
Special Features Good for Containers
Zones 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Propagation Stem Cuttings
Problem Solvers Good For Privacy, Groundcover, Slope/Erosion Control

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