Bayberry Overview

Description Bayberry forms a beautiful semi-evergreen shrub that tolerates either wet or dry soils. The shrub also withstands salt spray, making it a good choice for coastal landscapes. Plants gradually spread from underground suckers, eventually forming a thicket. Pruning is rarely necessary. Bayberry has long been prized for its fragrant, waxy gray berries, which can be used to make candles. Plants are either male or female; to ensure berry production, plant several shrubs in the same landscape. The berries are also attractive to a wide range of songbirds. 
Genus Name Myrica pensylvanica
Common Name Bayberry
Plant Type Herb, Shrub
Light Part Sun, Sun
Height 3 to 8 feet
Width null to 8 feet
Season Features Spring Bloom
Special Features Attracts Birds, Fragrance, Low Maintenance
Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Propagation Division, Layering, Seed, Stem Cuttings
Problem Solvers Drought Tolerant, Slope/Erosion Control

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