Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine Overview

Description Greet the holidays with this tabletop, tropical Christmas tree, then keep it around as a dynamic houseplant year-round. Simply provide it with bright light and keep its soil evenly moist. Place small Norfolk Island pines on tabletops, mantels, and desks. The petite plants are slow-growing. Large Norfolk Island pines can anchor the corner of a room and provide a bold burst of greenery as a focal point.
Genus Name Araucaria heterophylla
Common Name Norfolk Island Pine
Plant Type Houseplant
Height 1 to 3 feet
Width 1 to 5 feet
Propagation Seed

Norfolk Island Pine Care Must-Knows

Grow Norfolk Island pine in medium to bright light near a west- or south-facing window. The less light Norfolk Island pine receives, the slower it will grow; however, even if you want to curb growth, avoid low-light situations. If it doesn't get enough light it will be weak, spindly, and unattractive.

Norfolk Island pine grows well in soil that is moist but not wet. The roots will rot if they stand in water for long periods of time. If the plant is exceptionally dry for a period of time, the tips of the branches will turn brown and crispy. Water Norfolk Island pine when the soil just begins to feel dry to the touch.

Fertilize Norfolk Island pine with a houseplant fertilizer once or twice in spring and summer to encourage growth. Further speed up growth by transitioning the plant outdoors during warm-weather months. Prune plants as needed anytime.

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Holiday Help

If your Norfolk Island pine is cloaked in a foil pot wrap from the holidays, remove the wrap as it can trap water, preventing the soil from draining completely. Set the pot in a saucer and water the tree as needed. The saucer will protect the surface below the plant and allow the pot to drain. Dump the excess water from the saucer after watering.

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