Black pepper

Black pepper
Plant Type
Sunlight Amount
Piper nigrum
Piper nigrum
Black pepper

Grow your own peppercorns with this lovely houseplant. A vine that produces chains of small round fruit, black pepper thrives in full or part sun and indoor temperatures above 65 degrees F. By selecting the time of harvest, all four types of peppercorns -- black, white, green, and red -- can be harvested from the same plant. Black pepper is a slow-growing vine, and plants take three to four years to start flowering and fruiting.

Wait to water black pepper until the soil is visibly dry. When watering, thoroughly saturate the soil until a little water runs out the bottom of the pot.

genus name
  • Piper nigrum
  • Part Sun
  • Sun
plant type
  • 8 to 20 feet
  • To 3 feet wide
season features
special features
  • 10
  • 11

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