How to Grow and Care for Arrowhead Vine

This houseplant thrives without much light, making it easy to grow.

Arrowhead Vine Overview

Genus Name Syngonium podophyllum
Common Name Arrowhead Vine
Plant Type Houseplant
Height 6 to 12 inches
Width 6 to 36 inches
Foliage Color Blue/Green, Purple/Burgundy
Propagation Stem Cuttings

Arrowhead Vine Care Must-Knows

Grow arrowhead vine in low- or medium-light spots. Rooms with east-facing windows and small windows usually provide plenty of light for this plant. It can also be grown in bright light if it is not exposed to multiple hours of direct sunlight in hot-summer climates. When left in direct sun too long, arrowhead vine develops sunburn, which appears as bleached areas on the leaves.

Water arrowhead vine when the soil feels dry. It grows best in moist soil but languishes in soil that is soggy. This plant generally does not need fertilizer but if growth slows significantly in spring or summer, provide a dose of houseplant fertilizer per label directions.

Arrowhead will grow as an upright plant for several months before developing vining stems. Simply prune back the vining stems (at any time) to 6 to 8 inches above the soil line to encourage the plant to maintain a full, bushy habit. If not pruned, it will become a climbing vine you may want to train on a trellis.

More Varieties of Arrowhead Vine

'Allusion Berry' Arrowhead Vine

'Allusion Berry' arrowhead vine
Marty Baldwin

This variety of Syngonium podophyllum' has arrowhead-shaped bronzy leaves with a wash of pink along veins and leaf margins.

'Arrow' Arrowhead Vine

Syngonium podophyllum 'Arrow' arrowhead vine
William N. Hopkins

Syngonium podophyllum 'Arrow' is a compact green and white form with abundant creamy variegation.

'White Butterfly' Arrowhead vine

'White Butterfly' arrowhead vine
Marty Baldwin

This cultivar turns nearly white in bright light. At lower light levels it shows strong green and white variegation.

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