Amaryllis Overview

Description Amaryllis is an easy bulb to grow. Its enormous cluster of trumpet-shape blooms may require staking to keep them upright, but blooms may last for up to 6 weeks. Keep the plant cool (60-65 degrees F) while in bloom but slightly warmer at other times when it is actively growing. It needs bright light and evenly moist soil, except when it is dormant. Force the bulb to go dormant in late summer or early fall by withholding water and placing it in a cool, dry location for a couple of months. Resume watering and move it to a warm spot to force new growth.
Genus Name Hippeastrum_ hybrids
Common Name Amaryllis
Plant Type Bulb, Houseplant
Height 1 to 3 feet
Width 6 to 12 inches
Flower Color Pink, Red, White
Season Features Spring Bloom, Winter Bloom
Special Features Low Maintenance
Propagation Division

More varieties for Amaryllis


'Benfica' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Benfica' has deep red blooms up to 8 inches in diameter.

'Chico' amaryllis Hippeastrum

'Chico' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Chico' bears enchanting spidery blooms in red and green. It grows 2 feet tall.

'Ludwig Dazzler' amaryllis Hippeastrum

'Ludwig Dazzler' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Ludwig Dazzler' has bold white blooms on 30-inch-tall plants.


'Novella' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Novella' blooms in pure, delicate pink on plants 30 inches tall.


'Nymph' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Nymph' is a double white form with a blush of reddish pink.


'Picotee' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Picotee' grows to 3 feet tall and bears pure white blooms with a narrow red edge on each petal.


'Popov' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Popov' flowers have a background color of red, though the petals are heavily streaked and speckled with white, creating an overall effect of apple-blossom pink.


'Santos' amaryllis

Hippeastrum 'Santos' is a small variety, reaching only 2 feet tall. Its striking flowers are red with central white stripes.

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