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Description Apple is the most widely adapted of all temperate-zone fruit trees. A copious producer if it's planted in full sun and well-drained soil, a mature tree will supply several families with bushels of fruit. Many cultivars have chilling requirements that must be met for fruits to develop properly. Choose a cultivar that will thrive in your climate. Also, plant two or more cultivars that bloom at the same time to ensure cross-pollination and a variety of fruits, or choose a self-pollinating cultivar if you have room for just one tree.
Genus Name Malus
Common Name Apple
Plant Type Fruit, Tree
Light Sun
Height 3 to 8 feet
Width 2 to 40 feet
Flower Color Pink, White
Season Features Spring Bloom
Special Features Good for Containers
Zones 10, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Propagation Grafting
Harvest Tips Expect to wait 3-5 years after planting for your first full harvest. Fruits ripen 70-180 days from bloom, depending on the cultivar. Pick apples by hand to avoid bruising them. A ripe apple separates easily from the branch and has firm flesh. A soft apple is overripe but can still be used for cooking. Late-season varieties are the best for long-term storage at cool room temperatures. Some types, such as Cox, McIntosh, and Jonathan, decay if stored in the refrigerator.

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More varieties for Apple


'Anna' apple

Malus 'Anna' is green with red blush and fair quality. This early-season apple is suited for Florida and Southern California. Pair it with early-flowering varieties to ensure pollination. Zones 5-9


'Chenango Strawberry' apple

Malus 'Chenango Strawberry' bears medium fruit with yellow to green skin and red stripes. The fruit has a striking apple-strawberry flavor. Zones 4-9


'Esopus Spitzenberg' apple

Malus 'Esopus Spitzenberg' is an old variety with a notable spicy flavor and red-yellow fruit. It is susceptible to many diseases. Zones 3-9


'Granny Smith' apple

Malus 'Granny Smith' has glossy, bright green fruit that is medium to large in size. It has a very tart flavor and is good for both fresh eating and cooking. The tree is strong and vigorous but requires a very long growing season. Zones 6-8


'Honeycrisp' apple

Malus 'Honeycrisp' bears medium fruit with a mottled red and yellow skin. It has crisp, juicy texture and a sweet flavor highlighted with a touch of tartness. Honeycrisp is an excellent storage apple. Zones 3-9

'Jonathan' apple

Malus 'Jonathan' has medium-size fruit with skin that is pale red and pale yellow. The flesh is firm, crisp, and juicy. A prolific producer, the fruit is good for both fresh consumption and cooking. Zones 5-9


'Lady' apple

Malus 'Lady' is an heirloom cultivar with excellent storage ability. The small to medium fruit has green skin with red blush and ripens late in the season. Zones 5-8


'McIntosh' apple

Malus 'McIntosh' has medium to large fruit with sweet, tender, juicy white flesh. It is good fresh or in sauce, pieces, or cidered. The skin is yellow with a bright red blush. The tree is strong and vigorous. Zones 3-9


'Northern Spy' apple

Malus 'Northern Spy' has large yellow fruit with red stripes. Choose a tree on a dwarf rootstock for more rapid fruit set. The vigorous trees bear on alternate years. Zones 4-9


'Pink Pearl' apple

Malus 'Pink Pearl' has pink-tinged flesh and a sweet, juicy tartness. The medium apples follow an impressive springtime display of deep pink blossoms. Zones 6-10


'Red Delicious' apple

Malus 'Red Delicious' bears big, 16-ounce ruby-red fruit on sturdy branches. This common selection is one of the sweetest apples. Zones 5-9


'Reine de Reinette' apple

Malus 'Reine de Reinette' is a sweet, juicy heirloom cultivar. The yellow-green fruit is blushed with a touch of red.


'Royal Gala' apple

Malus 'Royal Gala' was introduced to North America from New Zealand. This crisp, juicy apple has red striping on its yellow-tinged skin. An early producer, it ripens in August. Zones 3-8


'Snow Apple'

Malus 'Snow Apple', also called 'Fameuse', is one of the oldest cultivated varieties. A hardy tree, it bears fruit with red skin and snow-white flesh. Zones 4-9


'Wealthy' apple

Malus 'Wealthy' is an exceptionally hardy tree with red fruit. It is a popular heirloom variety rarely grown now because superior disease-resistant cultivars are available. Zones 4-9


'Wolf River' apple

Malus 'Wolf River' is a very hardy heirloom cultivar with large red fruit. It has good disease resistance and is excellent for baking, sauces, and drying. Zones 3-7

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