How to Plant and Grow Triumph Tulips

Tulipa Passionale 'Triumph Tulip'

A result of crossing early and late single tulips, Triumph tulip varieties come in almost every imaginable color and make up the largest grouping of tulip types. As a group, they flower in early midseason and grow between 10-20 inches tall.Triumph tulips make good cut flowers and work well for forcing into bloom indoors. They retain the classic cuplike shape of their single tulip parents.

Triumph Tulip Overview

Genus Name Tulipa
Common Name Triumph Tulip
Plant Type Bulb
Light Part Sun, Sun
Height 6 to 12 inches
Width null to 6 inches
Flower Color Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White
Foliage Color Blue/Green, Chartreuse/Gold
Season Features Spring Bloom
Special Features Cut Flowers, Fragrance, Good for Containers, Low Maintenance
Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Propagation Division
Problem Solvers Drought Tolerant

Varieties of Triumph Tulip

Annie Schilder Tulip

Tulip Tulipa 'Annie Schilder'

(Tulipa 'Annie Schilder') bears orange flowers flushed with rose on the outside and a scarlet-orange interior. It's a midspring bloomer that's quite fragrant and grows 20 inches tall.

Calgary Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Calgary'

(Tulipa 'Calgary') is snowy-white. Its fragrant blooms practically nestle in the blue-green foliage on stems only to 10 inches tall. It is a midspring bloomer. Plant in zones 3-8.

Carnaval de Rio Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Carnaval de Rio'

(Tulipa 'Carnaval de Rio') bears flashy red-and-white-streaked blooms. This midseason bloomer grows to 18 inches tall. Plant in zones 3-8.

Couleur Cardinal Tulip

Tulip Tulipa 'Couleur Cardinal'

(Tulipa 'Couleur Cardinal') is an heirloom from 1845 with rich red flowers that have a dark purple base. It's quite fragrant and long lasting. The plant grows 14 inches tall and blooms in early to midspring.

Cracker Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Cracker'

(Tulipa 'Cracker') petals are purple, pink, and lilac blended with gentle brushstrokes, creating a dreamy effect. The blooms make an outstanding companion for purple-foliage heucheras. 'Cracker' blooms in midspring on stems to 18 inches tall. Plant in zones 3-8.

Gavota Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Gavota'

(Tulipa 'Gavota') is a two-tone, midspring-blooming tulip with stems to 18 inches tall. A gold edge and interior dance around the burgundy petals. The color combo looks particularly good with terra-cotta containers. Plant in zones 3-8.

Ice Follies Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Ice Follies'

(Tulipa 'Ice Follies') has white petals emblazoned with flames of red rising from the base of the petals. Its 20-inch-tall stems make it good for cutting. It blooms in midspring. Plant in zones 3-8.

Ile de France Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Ile de France'

(Tulipa 'Ile de France') offers intensely red blooms on stems to 20 inches tall. This variety makes an excellent cut flower. It is a midseason bloomer. Plant in zones 3-8.

Indian Summer Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Indian Summer'

(Tulipa 'Indian Summer') is reminiscent of an autumn sunset with its blend of yellow, rose, mauve, coral, apricot, and bronze shades. The lighter colors appear at the edge of the petals, deepening to the darker hues at the base. Flowers are borne on purplish stems that reach 12-14 inches tall. Plant in zones 3-8.

Inzell Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Inzell'

(Tulipa 'Inzell') blooms in midseason on stems up to 16 inches tall. Its creamy-white blooms might be faintly streaked with purple, making 'Inzell' a perfect companion for grape hyacinths. Plant in zones 3-8.

Jan Reus Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Jan Reus'

(Tulipa 'Jan Reus') is a deep burgundy-red tulip with a satiny-red blush. The insides of the petals have black centers with a gold stripe separating the black from the red. It is a midseason bloomer on stems to 16 inches tall. The purplish-red color of the blooms carries through on the stems, too. Plant in zones 3-8.

Negrita Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Negrita'

(Tulipa 'Negrita') is a deep purple bloomer with shades of blue, fading to a light bluish-gray base. It blends well with other purple tulips such as 'Purple Flag', 'Ronaldo', and 'Passionale'. Flowers are borne on stems to 18 inches tall. Plant in zones 3-8.

Passionale Tulip

Tulipa Passionale 'Triumph Tulip'

(Tulipa 'Passionale') is relatively tall at 20 inches. The long stems make it an excellent cut flower. It's also good for forcing. 'Passionale' has orchid-purple blooms with lavender-lilac petal edges. Slight inward curling of the petals gives the blooms excellent substance. Plant in zones 3-8.

Prinses Irene Tulip

Tulips Tulipa 'Prinses Irene'

(Tulipa 'Prinses Irene') bears satiny, bright orange flowers that flicker with purple flames. This colorful tulip grows 2 feet tall. Plant in zones 3-8.

Purple Flag Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Purple Flag'

(Tulipa 'Purple Flag') bears violet-fuchsia flowers with lighter purple edging. Blue-green foliage and bluish-purple stems complement the blossoms. It blooms in mid-spring on stems to 20 inches tall. Plant in zones 3-8.

Ronaldo Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Ronaldo'

(Tulipa 'Ronaldo') can be described as plum with black shading or smoky maroon-purple with bluish-gray veining. The effect is a dusky, moody bloom that contrasts beautifully with yellow, gold, or white tulips. 'Ronaldo' blooms a bit later than most Triumph tulips. Stems are 18 inches long. Plant in zones 3-8.

Shirley Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Shirley'

(Tulipa 'Shirley') is a variable variety of Triumph tulip. Blooms begin creamy yellow with a tinge of purple edging. As the flower ages, it fades to creamy white and develops more intense purple spots and edging. This midspring bloomer grows 18 inches tall. Plant in zones 3-8.

Strong Gold Tulip

tulip Tulipa 'Strong Gold'

(Tulipa 'Strong Gold') describes the vivid color and strong growth habit of this variety. Buttery-yellow petals are blushed with a hint of purple at their bases. The darker color carries through to the stems. 'Strong Gold' grows 17 inches tall and has excellent disease resistance. Plant in zones 3-8.

Zurel Tulip

Tulip Tulipa 'Zurel'

(Tulipa 'Zurel') bears large, alabaster-white flowers that are flamed in dark purple. It grows 20 inches tall. Plant in zones 3-7.

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