No rock garden or woodland garden is complete without the tiny electric-blue blooms of Scilla siberica. The easy-to-grow Siberian squill self-seeds with abandon. Growing best in rich, sandy soil, scillas bloom both in sunny spots and in partial shade. They also are impervious to rodent damage.
This versatile bulb is excellent planted in rock gardens, naturalized in woodlands, or allowed to spread at the feet of spring-flowering deciduous shrubs or trees. Squills are dainty bloomers and are best planted in large numbers to show the full effect of their riveting, intense color in early spring. Each bulb bears several flowers on stalks 4-6 inches tall. Scilla siberica is a good companion for early-blooming species of tulips.
In the fall, plant scilla bulbs three times their own depth, 3 inches apart, in rich, well-drained soil in a sunny or partially shaded spot. Scilla siberica is one of the few bulbs that will thrive when planted under evergreen trees. Siberian squill is generally not bothered by wildlife.


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