This Summer Vegetable Garden Plan Fills the Gaps After a Spring Harvest

Enjoy the season's freshest flavors, right from your own backyard.

Warm, sunny weather will help an array of veggies and herbs flourish in this summer vegetable garden plan. It's designed to follow the spring vegetable garden plan for a four-foot-square raised bed, so it has carrots, cabbage, onions, snow peas, and parsley already growing in it. Among these cool-season crops, you then plant tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and basil. You can also just start with this summer vegetable plan and plant extra green beans or herbs in the spaces where the spring vegetables would be. Then, you can follow with this fall harvest vegetable garden plan. Make sure to situate this garden in full sun, water regularly, and stay on top of weeding to boost productivity.

summer vegetable garden plan illustration
Illustration by Gary Palmer

Plants for Creating the Summer Vegetable Garden Plan

*Vegetables planted in early spring and not yet harvested.

Each of these crops comes in all sorts of varieties. Feel free to choose your favorites, or experiment with new-to-you cultivars.

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The garden plan for this design includes an illustrated version of the planted garden, a detailed layout diagram, a list of plants for the garden as shown, and complete instructions for installing the garden. Free, one-time registration allows unlimited access to all garden plans, available as printable PDFs.

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