Raised Garden Bed Plans

Raised Beds Garden Plan

Browse raised garden bed plans! DIY raised garden beds are the perfect way to grow vegetables and other produce. You're sure to find just the right raised garden bed plan for your space.

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Colorful Vegetable Raised Garden Plan

Colorful Vegetable Garden Plan

Freely mix flowers and greens to create a garden that is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

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Fall-Harvest Raised Garden Plan


Keep your garden productive as the season winds down with this fall-harvest garden plan.

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Salad Bar Raised Garden Plan

Food Revolution Garden Plan

We've designed this garden plan to be full of extra-easy, quick-growing vegetables that are perfect for salads.

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Salad Greens Raised Garden Bed


This compact, row-cropped vegetable garden features leafy salad greens, herbs, onions, and some easy-to-grow flowers.

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Small-Space Raised Vegetable Garden Plan

Small-Space Vegetable Garden Plan Illustration

Tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds are all you need to create this beautiful little garden plan.

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Spring-Harvest Vegetable Raised Garden Plan


Enjoy spring's freshest flavors with this fun and easy garden plan.

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Summer Raised Vegetable Garden Plan


Enjoy summer's finest flavors with this fun and easy garden plan.

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White House-Inspired Raised Garden Bed Plans

Cool Season Kitchen Garden illustration

Grow a 4x12-foot version of the White House Kitchen Garden (designed by Better Homes and Gardens garden editors) on your own south (or east or west) lawn. All you need is a spot that gets six or more hours of sunshine each day.

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Annuals Raised Bed Garden Plan

Raised Beds Garden Plan

Meander down a wonderful walkway flanked by raised beds overflowing with lush swaths of annuals with this garden plan.

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Materials for Raised Garden Beds

Learn what materials you need to build a raised garden bed.

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