Enjoy growing healthy produce while spending time with little gardeners with this easy garden plan.

June 09, 2015


Imagine sitting in your garden tepee and plucking a sun-warmed cherry tomato, then biting down so the sweet juice drips down your chin. Ahhh summer, and you're a kid on vacation. Many joys and many lessons can be found in this jewel of a garden. Once this children's garden is planted, it takes only a few hours a week to keep it looking its best.

This kid-friendly garden is filled with edible favorites, such as juicy strawberries, bright pumpkins, and luscious tomatoes along with pops of floral color from marigolds, morning glories and a giant sunflower to top it off. When planting a garden, especially one with vegetables, it is crucial to keep air circulating throughout your garden—plants like to breathe.  Interested in following this plan next season, too? Participate in crop rotation, or grow each plant in a different spot next season to trick bugs and reduce the risk of soilborne disease.

Along with giving them a plot of their own, there are many more ways to get your kids digging in the dirt. Let your little ones show their creativity with DIY plant markers, create bug catchers out of mason jars, and let them paint garden rocks to their liking. Or, have them plant their own herb garden to accompany the harvested vegetables from this garden plan. Boredom will be far away in your garden space!

Our free Planting Guide for this garden includes an illustrated version of the plan, a list of plants for the garden as shown, and complete instructions for installing the garden. (Free, one-time registration allows unlimited access to Planting Guides for all garden plans.)

Garden size: 6 x 6 feet

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Plant List

Grow Your Own Strawberries


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