Plant This English-Style Front Yard Plan for Stunning Curb Appeal

Turn heads with this exuberant mix of colorful annuals and perennials.  

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English-Style Front Yard Garden Plan
Photo: Illustration by Mavis Augustine Torke

Cottage gardens generally feature a colorful assortment of plants in natural disarray, sometimes with clear pathways and sometimes without. This English-style front garden plan captures the essence of a cottage garden. The mix of plants is organized along both sides of a decorative white picket fence that can run parallel to a sidewalk or driveway. It's packed with easy-care annuals, perennials, and hydrangea that bloom in a pleasing mix of pink, blue, purple, and yellow. This design will have something flowering from spring into fall, especially if you give the bed regular watering and remove the spent blooms.

Plants for Creating the English-Style Front Yard Garden Plan

  • 1 Bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla' Endless Summer'): Zones 4-8
  • 4 Garden cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus): Annual
  • 7 Checkerbloom (Sidalcea malviflora 'Party Girl'): Zones 5-9
  • 7 Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus): Annual
  • 5 Clustered bellflower (Campanula glomerata 'Freya'): Zones 5-7
  • 6 English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia' Blue Spear'): Zones 6-8
  • 1 Peony (Paeonia lactiflora): Zones 2-8
  • 5 Asiatic lily (Lilium 'Cote d'Azur'): Zones 4-8
  • 1 Variegated hosta: Zones 3-9
  • 5 Scarlet sage (Salvia 'Vista Red'): Annual
  • 9 Floss flower (Ageratum houstonianum): Annual
  • 6 Asiatic lily (Lilium' Connecticut Yankee'): Zones 4-8
  • 3 Garden phlox (Phlox paniculata 'Flame Pro Cerise'): Zones 4-8

If you can't find the exact cultivars listed above, substitute others in similar colors, shapes, and sizes. And, because in certain climates, some plants can become overly aggressive and spread out of control, always check which species are considered invasive in your area before planting.

Get the Free English-Style Front Yard Garden Plan

This free garden plan is a printable PDF that includes an illustrated version of the planted garden, a layout diagram, a list of plants for the garden as shown, and complete instructions for installing the garden.

Tips for Planting Your New Garden

Preparation is the key to creating a garden for a lifetime of pleasure. Before you start plant shopping, review all garden plan materials. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have a suitable spot for this garden plan?

The layout diagram shows the rough dimensions of the plan. In general, you can enlarge or reduce the size of the garden by adding or eliminating plants. However, the garden's character may change if you alter the size dramatically.

Do I have the right growing conditions?

Check the plant list to see if the plan will do best in sun, part shade, or full shade. Be sure that the plants are suited to your USDA Hardiness Zone.

Do I need to amend my soil?

Most plants thrive in moist but well-drained soil. If you have soil with lots of sand or clay, amend it liberally with organic matter, such as compost. You may also want to do a soil test to see if you need to adjust the soil pH or add fertilizer before planting.

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