Colorful Front-Yard Garden Plans

Add curb appeal to your home with these appealing multiseason flower gardens.

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    Easy-Care Streetside Garden

    Greet guests with a colorful garden in your parking strip (between the street and sidewalk). This plan features native plants such as aster, baptisia, and purple coneflower. Garden size: 6 by 29 feet.

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    Front Walk Garden

    Dress up the sidewalk that runs to your home with a mix of annuals and perennials, including verbena, foxglove, begonia, yarrow, and lavender. Garden size: 9 by 15 feet.

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    Mailbox Garden

    Dress up your mailbox with a colorful mix of practically carefree flowers, including petunias, dusty miller, and dahlias. Garden size: 3 by 5 feet.

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    Romantic Arbor Garden

    Enhance an arbor over your front gate by growing climbing roses for a show that lasts all the way to fall. Garden size: 6 by 10 feet.

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    5 Front Yard Landscaping Secrets

    Learn the five things your front yard needs to look its best.

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    Front Yard Cottage Garden

    Delphiniums, foxgloves, daisies, iris, and other cottage-garden favorites are the perfect pick-me-up for a white-picket fence. Garden size: 7 by 12 feet.

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    Colorful Corner Garden

    You'll love this bright garden -- and your neighbors will, too. Featuring favorites such as butterfly bush and petunia, it also offers grasses for winter interest. Garden size: 11 by 11 feet.

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    Architectural Garden

    Agaves and ornamental grasses make a great pairing, especially in modern-style landscapes. Garden size: 11 by 12 feet.

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    Foundation Garden

    Cover up the foundation around your home while adding color from impatiens, wishbone flower, and other shade-loving flowers. Garden size: 11 by 12 feet.

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    Sidewalk Garden

    Use this mix of annuals to brighten your parking strip -- gazania, cosmos, and zinnias will flower all season long. Garden size: 6 by 18 feet.

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    English Cottage Garden

    Snapdragons, lilies, cosmos, hydrangeas, and other great flowers for cutting will add season-long color to your front yard. Garden size: 6 by 22 feet.

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    A Rose Lover's Front Walk

    It's hard to top roses for color, beauty, and fragrance. This plan is designed for the true rose aficionado. It features a dozen distinct varieties, including a spectacular pair of climbing roses. Garden size: 8 by 13 feet.

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    Low-Care Sidewalk Garden

    Use this plan to fill that challenging strip of grass between your sidewalk and the street with lots of easy-growing color. Garden size: 20 by 8 feet.

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    A Dose of Red-Hot Color

    This gently curved bed will add eye-popping color even in the warmest of weather. Scarlet sage and stately canna add vertical elements, while zinnias add nonstop excitement all season long. Garden size: 14 by 9 feet.

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    Dress Up a Fence

    Airy blue lobelia and rosy nasturtiums frame the base of the fence, while lilies and daylilies add color at the top. This ultrasimple, low-maintenance garden creates a welcome for guests and passersby that's impossible to ignore. Garden size: 12 by 9 feet.

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    Spring Sidewalk Garden

    Wake up your front yard early with a swarm of cheerful daffodils and pansies. Though small in size, this plan creates a welcome mat that's hard to ignore. Garden size: 15 by 6 feet.

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    Hosta-Filled Shade Garden

    You can have a beautiful front yard even if it's shady all the time. Hostas are a perfect solution, with their good looks from spring to fall. Garden size: 12 by 10 feet.

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    Soften Your Sidewalk

    Orange nasturtiums and white osteospermum form a colorful checkerboard in this pocket-sized garden. It adds a perfect note to your front entry. Garden size: 6 by 10 feet.

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    Add Privacy with Shrubs

    Use these colorful shrubs and shrub-sized trees to offer year-round interest in your front yard. Plus, enjoy the little extra privacy the plants provide. Garden size: 13 by 11 feet.

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    Add a Splash of Color out Front

    This easy-care border offers a season of blooms and is perfect for dressing up the front of your house. Garden size: 9 by 28 feet.

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    Create Cottage Style in Your Front Yard

    Lush cottage-garden plants create a beautiful, causal feel in your front yard. Garden size: 4 by 44 feet (in an L shape).

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    Create Lush, Spring Beauty

    This mix of fragrant spring-blooming trees, shrubs, and bulbs will add welcome to your front yard. Garden size: 34 by 20 feet.

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    Cover an Arbor with Roses

    A simple arbor covered in roses and flanked by old-fashioned cottage-garden favorites creates a welcoming scene for any landscape. Garden size: 16 by 15 feet.

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    Create Fall Appeal

    Put on a show at the end of the season with this cottage-style garden plan. Garden size: 15 by 15 feet.

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    Dress Up Your Walkway

    Make the walk to your front door more interesting with this path-side plan. From spring through fall, you'll enjoy charming, easy-growing blooms. Garden size: 11 by 11 feet.

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    An Entry Dressed in Roses

    If curb appeal is a priority, this rose-clothed arbor is just the ticket. The combination of arbor, roses, and white-picket fence simply exudes charm and welcome. Garden size: 12 by 11 feet.

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    Create a Big Impact

    One key to a good-looking, lower-maintenance garden: Limit the variety of plants you need to take care of. This plan requires just six varieties but offers stunning good looks in spring, summer, and fall. Garden size: 18 by 4 feet.

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    Add Color to Your Front Yard

    Welcome guests with a garden that features lots of cottage-garden charm and looks good all summer long. Garden size: 25 by 8 feet.

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    Foolproof Garden for Shade

    Don't worry about what shade of green your thumb may be: The plants in this garden are practically bullet-proof. They add easy color to the front of your landscape. Garden size: 18 by 8 feet.

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    Enjoy the Beauty of Grasses

    Ornamental grasses are great because they look beautiful all winter and are ultraeasy to grow. Soften hard-to-mow corners in the front of your home with this small-space garden plan. Garden size: 10 by 8 feet.

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    Grow an Easy-Care Pocket of Color

    Add a dose of color to the front corner of your yard with this low-maintenance garden that looks good throughout the seasons. Garden size: 9 by 8 feet.

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    Add Drama to Your Front Door

    Soften the front of your house and dress up your front door with this colorful garden plan. Garden size: 15 by 15 feet.

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    Dress Up Your Foundation

    This colorful garden plan will keep your front yard looking charming all year long. Garden size: 15 by 8 feet.

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    Garden Plan for Your Whole Front Yard

    If you need more than just a border or two for your front landscape, check out this full-yard plan. Garden size: 35 by 45 feet.

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    Landscape Your Entire Front Yard

    Here's another landscape plan for front yards -- this one is a bit bigger. Garden size: 50 by 100 feet.

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    Create a Top-Notch Entrance

    Line your front walk with these beautiful selections for a welcoming entry that'll make your neighbors jealous. Garden size: 14 by 30 feet.

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    Decorate Your Mailbox

    Your mailbox can be a dramatic spot in your landscape -- if you surround it with color. Garden size: 15 by 11 feet.

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    Decorate Your Downspout

    The area around your downspout can be tricky to keep looking good. Try this garden plan. Garden size: 8 by 10 feet.

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    Easy Landscape Lighting

    It's easy to add landscape lighting to your yard. Learn how to install low-voltage and solar landscape lights in just an afternoon.

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