Create a beautiful, low-maintenance shade garden that's full of texture from spring to fall.


More than just green filler, hostas can rule any shady border. They give gardens a jolt of bold texture, as well as a variety of leaf colors, patterns, and shapes. Here, hostas surround an antique millstone recruited into service as a fountain. Variegated vinca edges the bed.

Hostas are versatile plants. Some are miniatures a few inches wide; others are giants that sprawl 6 feet across or more. They have showy leaves that are variegated, puckered, or ruffled and vary from oval to oblong and from narrow to wide. Some of the fl owers are very fragrant. Relatively easycare plants, hostas come back year after year, surviving bitter winters and making no special demands on gardeners' time.

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Plant List

  • 50 Greater periwinkle (Vinca major): Zones 7–11
  • 3 Hosta 'Night Before Christmas': Zones 3–8
  • 4 Hosta 'Halcyon': Zones 3–8
  • 3 Hosta 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa': Zones 3–8
  • 1 Hosta 'Paul's Glory': Zones 3–8
  • 3 Hosta 'Undulata': Zones 3–8


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