Garden Plans for Shady Spots

Add beautiful color to shady spots in your yard with these garden plans.

Pink Spring Garden

Alliums, English bluebells, and primroses put on a spring show in this garden. Hosta and a Japanese maple keep it looking good through fall. Garden size: 17 by 18 feet.

Year-Round Garden

This mix of shrubs and perennials teams up to provide a large dose of color all season long. Garden size: 17 by 30 feet.

Formal Shady Garden

Dramatic tree-form hydrangeas create a striking contrast with foliage from hosta, lady's mantle, and ligularia. Garden size: 10 by 17 feet.

Shady Birdbath Garden

Surround a birdbath with colorful impatiens and polka-dot plants for color from late spring to fall. Garden size: 9 by 9 feet.

Woodland Garden

A handful of hostas, impatiens, and red-twig dogwood combine to create a natural-feeling planting with four-season interest. Garden size: 6 by 12 feet.

Shady Foundation Garden

Add color to the north or east side of your home with this beautiful planting. Garden size: 6 by 12 feet.

Container Collection for Shade

Use a host of coleus to create a stunning display without flowers. Your displays will be so dazzling you won't even notice there aren't blooms. Garden size: 10 by 12 feet.

Bright Container Garden Plan for Shady Spots

Do you have a shady deck, patio, porch, or front entrance? Never fear: This delightful trio of shade-loving container gardens will pump plenty of texture and color into any less-than-bright spot. The colorful coleus leaves look great all season long! Garden size: 8 by 14 feet.

Lush, Hosta-Filled Shade-Garden Plan

Hostas are the ultimate shade-garden plant. They come in a wide range of sizes, textures, and colors. Use our plan to mix a few of your favorites around a fountain and create a magical getaway perfect for those hot summer days. Garden size: 10 by 12 feet.

Colorful Garden Plan for Partial Shade

If your spot gets a bit of sun, you can have success with many sun-loving favorites. This garden plan combines just the right plants for those tough, in-between sunny and shady spots. Garden size: 8 by 13 feet.

No-Fail Shade-Garden Plan

We've combined some of the toughest shade-loving plants in this garden plan. It'll look good through the seasons and won't require too much care. Just plant and enjoy! Garden size: 8 by 18 feet.

Side Yard Garden for Shade

Have you been wondering what to do with the shady area along your house? Try this garden plan perfect for long and narrow shaded side yards. It's filled with great, easy-growing plants to enjoy through the seasons. Garden size: 26 by 10 feet.

Shady Haven Garden Plan

Enjoy your garden even on hot, sunny days. This shade garden, filled with lots of color and texture, will give you plenty to look at through the year. Garden size: 23 by 12 feet.

A Colorful Garden Plan for a Small Space

Even shady corners can offer a big-color impact. Use this small-space garden plan to create a burst of color in your yard. This garden features a mix of easy-to-grow annuals and perennials that will bloom all summer long. Garden size: 16 by 12 feet.

Colorful Spring Shade-Garden Plan

You don't need a ton of plants for a colorful garden. This simple, beautiful garden plan features only six different kinds of plants. These hardy, long-lived perennials will make a dramatic statement every spring. Garden size: 7 by 34 feet.

Pastel-Theme Shade-Garden Plan

Soft, light colors show up best in shade, so we've put together this plan of pastels to brighten dim spots in your landscape. Garden size: 4 by 8 feet.

Color and Texture with Foliage Shade-Garden Plan

Rely on plants with great foliage to create an eye-catching garden even without blooms. Garden size: 16 by 10 feet.

Shady Patio-Garden Plan

Dress up your yard by mixing plants with patio stones. This lush, easy-growing shade garden looks great through the seasons. Mixing the plantings gives the illusion of a big yard in a relatively small space. Garden size: 40 by 25 feet.

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