Spring Beauty Garden Plans

Plan a garden that wakes up early with these first-to-bloom garden plans.

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    Pink Springtime Garden

    Rhododendrons and azaleas add a bold dose of early spring to this plan, which also inlcudes primroses, alliums, hostas, and other favorites.

    Garden size: 17 by 18 feet.

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    Pink Container Garden

    Toss some tulips in a pot with pansies and toadflax and you have a stunning design that's perfect for dressing up your entry, patio, or deck.

    Garden size: 2 by 2 feet.

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    Early-Spring Garden

    You can't beat tulips and daffodils for a big burst of spring color. This design adds the fragrance of hyacinths and delicate beauty of grape hyacinths, too.

    Garden size: 9 by 18 feet.

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    Pick Your Favorites

    Tulips, daffodils, pansies, and poppies make a perfect spring combo in this garden.

    Garden size: 15 by 6 feet.

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    Enjoy It All Year

    This garden looks great all year, but is especially nice in spring when the peonies, iris, and roses bloom together.

    Garden size: 18 by 4 feet.

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    Late-Spring Garden

    End spring on a high note with this lovely garden plan filled with easy-growing bloomers.

    Garden size: 9 by 9 feet.

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    Front Yard Garden

    Give your front yard a boost with this garden plan that looks great in spring and continues all the way through winter.

    Garden size: 34 by 7 feet.

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    Spring Rock Garden

    Rock gardens are a great way to fill in tough spots in the landscape. Try this for an explosion of springtime color.

    Garden size: 29 by 15 feet.

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    Fragrant Spring Garden

    Sweetly scented annuals, perennials, bulbs, and flowering trees combine to create a picture-perfect setting.

    Garden size: 34 by 20 feet.

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    Simple Spring Garden

    This simple plan is a soft and gentle introduction to spring. Blue bearded iris, pink creeping phlox, and soft violets get the ball rolling.

    Garden size: 14 by 8 feet.

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    Salad Garden

    The cool temperatures of spring are perfect for growing healthy, tasty salads.

    Garden size: 26 by 19 feet.

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    Spring Shade Garden

    Fill those shady spots where grass won't grow using this garden plan featuring lots of bright color in spring.

    Garden size: 7 by 7 feet.

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    Give Yourself a Getaway

    Attractive in every season, the garden really shines in spring thanks to a redbud and a host of spring bulbs.

    Garden size: 19 by 9 feet.

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    A Corner of Color

    A trio of small, spring-blooming crabapples team up with dwarf dogwood and bird's nest spruce to create four seasons of color and texture.

    Garden size: 13 by 11 feet.

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    Walk to Front Door

    Make a lasting impression on guests with this four-season entry garden. We're especially fond of it in spring.

    Garden size: 32 by 26 feet.

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