Garden Plans That Peak in Fall

Corner of Grasses Garden
Extend the pleasure of your yard with these late-season garden plans.

Drought-Tolerant Garden

Dry conditions in summer and fall can leave your garden looking ragged. Use this plan to create an oasis that looks good even in the worst weather.

Garden size: 10 by 16 feet

Fall Favorites Plan

Enjoy a colorful show from flowering kale, ornamental grasses, and more with this easy-care plan.

Garden Size: 13 by 19 feet

Grow a Fall Vegetable Garden

This garden of salad fixings can be started in midsummer for a delicious fall harvest.

Garden size: 26 by 19 feet

Put On a Fall Show

This border is actually part of the Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden; it's easy to maintain and provides a big bang of color at season's end.

Garden size: 12 by 13 feet

Adorn Your Deck with Blooms

In fall, this deckside planting comes alive with beautiful colors and textures -- perfect for enjoying as the weather starts to cool.

Garden size: 14 by 7 feet

A Touch of Country

This rambunctious layout features sedum, aster, black-eyed Susan, and other fall favorites that are sure to please.

Garden size: 10 by 11 feet

Bird-Friendly Garden for Fall

Wildlife will enjoy this garden all season long, but you'll love it most in fall. Ornamental grasses, black-eyed Susan, and Japanese sedge are standouts.

Garden size: 32 by 13 feet

No-Fail Fall Garden

This informal, naturalistic garden plan relies on mums and asters for fall color, along with generous quantities of dahlias, daylilies, joe-pye weed -- and a collection of annuals for summer bloom, too.

Garden size: 22 by 17 feet

Long-Blooming Rose Garden

Fragrant roses and perennials team up for a knock-out display that lasts well into autumn with this gorgeous garden plan.

Garden size: 22 by 22 feet

Put Foliage on Display

You don't need flowers to create a wonderful fall garden. This layout includes a variety of leafy favorites, including sweet potato vine, ornamental cabbage, and Swiss chard.

Garden size: 12 by 20 feet

A Bird-Friendly Haven

This large plan is big enough to provide for wildlife throughout the year, but it really shines in fall.

Garden size: 24 by 23 feet.

Corner of Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a must when planning a garden for fall interest. This plan features a variety of them.

Garden size: 10 by 8 feet

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