Garden Plans That Celebrate Summer

Butterfly Garden
Add some warm-season fireworks to your yard with gardens that laugh at the heat.

Summer Butterfly Garden

Attract butterflies with this mix of bold and beautiful zinnias, spider flower, and marigolds.

Garden size: 10 by 12 feet.

Tropical-Look Garden

Red-orange lantana is a perfect partner for sweet potato vine, moss rose, and canna for a bold summer look.

Garden size: 11 by 15 feet.

Corner Garden

Tuck this charming bed, filled with portulaca, zinnia, cosmos, and more, in a corner of your yard to create a big summer bang.

Garden size: 11 by 11 feet.

Raised-Bed Garden

Fill raised beds with colorful annuals, such as salvia, vinca, and zinnia, and enjoy a steady stream of color.

Garden size: 12 by 24 feet.

Curbside Garden

Fill your parking strip with easy-care, drought-tolerant perennials such as phlox, coneflower, and goldenrod.

Garden size: 6 by 29 feet.

Easy-Care Perennial Garden

Lavender, yarrow, and purple coneflower are beautiful, drought-resistant plants typically ignored by deer, rabbits, and other critters. This garden pairs them with other perennial favorites for a summerlong display of color.

Garden size: 12 by 12 feet.

Heat-Loving Garden

Dahlias produce their beautiful blooms all summer. This plan supplements three varieties with lilies and penstemon for a big hot-weather show.

Garden size: 8 by 17 feet.

Slope Garden

This delightful planting stays showy all summer thanks to long-blooming favorites such as daylily, yarrow, and anise hyssop.

Garden size: 14 by 22 feet.

Low-Maintenance Summer Treat

Extra-tough plants combine in this plan for a great summer garden that looks great even from inside your house.

Garden size: 14 by 9 feet.

Sidewalk Garden

Use this garden to put on a big show in the space between the street and sidewalk.

Garden size: 6 by 18 feet.

Beautiful Rose Garden

Enjoy stunning, fragrant roses with this combination of seven lovely, long-blooming varieties.

Garden size: 5 by 11 feet.

Cottage Style All Summer

Enjoy traditional cottage favorites for a garden that looks great all summer long.

Garden size: 20 by 10 feet.

Casual Summer Garden

Loose plant habits give this garden a casual feel while the easy-growing nature makes maintenance casual, too.

Garden size: 13 by 12 feet.

Lush English Style

This beautiful garden plan could have been picked straight from the grounds of an English manor -- and it will look just as good in your landscape.

Garden size: 25 by 17 feet.

Deckside Drama

Give your deck a sunny decoration with this wall of blooms that continues all summer and into fall.

Garden size: 27 by 8 feet.

A Burst of Color for Summer

This island bed features some of our favorite summer-blooming flowers. They're beautiful and easy to grow.

Garden size: 12 by 8 feet.

Sunny Summer Border

Perennials and annuals combine to put on a show all summer long.

Garden size: 40 by 10 feet.

Create a Colorful Cottage Garden

This big garden plan is jam-packed with plants so you know you'll enjoy beautiful blooms all summer, as well as in the spring and fall.

Garden size: 23 by 25 feet.

Rock Garden

This expansive rock garden includes lots of easy-growing perennials you can enjoy all summer long.

Garden size: 28 by 14 feet.

Grow Super Easy Daylilies

Daylilies are some of the easiest plants to grow, and this mix of varieties will keep blooming all summer long.

Garden size: 28 by 28 feet.

Enjoy Butterflies in Your Garden

Filled with the plants butterflies love, this border blooms all season long -- ensuring a steady crop of winged visitors to your yard.

Garden size: 24 by 9 feet.

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