Seasonal Garden Plans

Our seasonal garden plans can keep your garden looking it's best all year around. Fix your garden with plans that help you make your seasonal garden outstanding in all seasons. Transition through the seasons with these all year around plants and plans and enjoy the outdoors.

How to Make the Most of Your October Garden

A few simple gardening to-do's accomplished in October will make all the difference for next season's garden.
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Garden Plans That Celebrate Summer

Add some warm-season fireworks to your yard with gardens that laugh at the heat.
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Spring Beauty Garden Plans

Plan a garden that wakes up early with these first-to-bloom garden plans.
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Long-Blooming Garden Plans

Enjoy three or four seasons of color and beauty throughout your yard.
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Garden Plans That Peak in Fall

Extend the pleasure of your yard with these late-season garden plans.
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Garden Plans for Fall Planting

These plans feature trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs that can be planted in fall. If you can't find all of the plants, you can start now and fill in the rest next spring.
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More Seasonal Garden Plans

Sensational Summer Garden Plan

These heat- and drought-tolerant plants will make your yard a shining star all summer long.
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Fabulous Fall-Garden Plan

Create a burst of fall color in your landscape with this easy-care garden plan.
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