Garden Plans Featuring Roses

Invite the queen of flowers to your yard in both starring and supporting roles.

Small-Space Rose Garden

Easy-care 'Knock Out', ultrahardy 'William Baffin', and longtime favorite 'The Fairy' roses combine with lady's mantle and a few other roses to provide beautiful color all season long. Garden size: 5 by 11 feet.

Romantic Arbor Garden

Three varieties of roses (beloved 'Queen Elizabeth', 'Iceberg', and 'Eden Climber') pair perfectly with larkspur and yarrow for a soft, welcoming presentation. Garden Size: 6 by 10 feet.

A Rose Lover's Front Walk

Create a riot of color and fragrance in your front yard with this rose-filled plan. Garden size: 8 by 13 feet.

The Romance of Roses

Boost your yard's curb appeal with this plan featuring roses, an arbor, and a white picket fence. Garden size: 12 by 11 feet.

Rose-Covered Arbor

Here's another solution to creating an inviting entry with climbing roses on an arbor. Garden size: 16 by 15 feet.

Evoke a Sense of Yesteryear

This beautiful garden plan features a number of time-tested favorites for season-long beauty. Garden size: 28 by 25 feet.

Grow Roses All Season

Fragrant roses and long-blooming perennials team up to create a knockout display in this garden plan. Garden size: 22 by 22 feet.

Try Roses in a Container

Roses aren't limited to being planted in the ground. Most do well in containers, too, as this plan shows. Garden size: 18 by 10 feet.

A Perfect Cutting Garden

Four delightful roses bring this charming English-inspired garden to life. Garden size: 20 by 16 feet.

Simple, Easy-Care Garden

A lily white shrub rose is the star of this easy-growing, long-blooming garden plan. Garden size: 6 by 6 feet.

Enjoy Roses for their Scent

Let your nose lead you through this beautiful, adaptable garden. Garden size: 22 by 38 feet.

Tough Roses Tolerate Clay

Even if you have clay soil, you can enjoy lots of beauty with this resilient garden. Garden size: 18 by 7 feet.

The Ultimate Cottage Garden

Capture the old-fashioned charm of an English cottage garden with this lush and colorful border. Garden size: 23 by 25 feet.

Let Roses Ramble on a Hill

Eight types of roses help this hillside garden come alive with color and fragrance. Garden size: 26 by 17 feet.

A Rose-Colored Foundation

Cure your slope troubles with this gorgeous, rose-filled garden. Garden size: 28 by 10 feet.

Simply Elegant

Just three plants -- white roses, catmint, and boxwood -- combine to create a stunning garden in a small space. Garden size: 10 by 10 feet.

Easy and Beautiful

'Knock Out' roses are some of the easiest you can grow. This plan pairs them with other low-care favorites. Garden size: 4 by 18 feet.

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