Intersperse perennials to provide color when roses aren't blooming.

Think a rose garden is fussy and demanding? Too hard for a novice? Not when you plant low-maintenance roses that give you armloads of flowers. Choose a site with full sun -- one that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun a day. Roses that get less will flower poorly and will be more susceptible to pests. Once you have your basic rose garden in place, play around with other varieties such as the 'Country Dancer' or 'Graham Thomas.'   Plant List A-

Don Juan Climbing Rose (Rosa 'Don Juan') (1)


Zones 5-9. Considered to be one of the best climbing roses, velvety red blooms, grow on a fence or trellis. 10' tall and 6' wide.


Alternative Plant Blaze Climbing Rose (Rosa 'Blaze') Zones 4-7. Rapid grower, medium red flowers with a musky fragrance, recurrent bloomer. 12-14' tall.

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Carefree Wonder Rose (Rosa 'Meipitac') (1)


Zones 4-7. 1991 AARS winner, semi-double pink blend with a creamy reverse, prolific bloomer, orange hips in fall and winter, ever-blooming shrub rose. 4' tall and 3' wide.


Alternative Plant Betty Prior Rose (Rosa 'Betty Prior') Zones 4-9. Deep pink fragrant blooms, ever-blooming well into fall. 3-4' tall and 4' wide.

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Mary Rose Rose (Rosa 'Mary Rose' Ausmary) (1)


Zones 5-9. David Austin English Rose, many petaled rose pink blooms, fragrance is similar to Damask Rose, blooms early in spring and late into fall. 5' tall and 5' wide.


Alternative Plant Pearl Sullivan Rose, (Rosa 'Pearl Sullivan' [Meichonar]) Zones 5-9. Meidiland landscape rose, white blushed with pink, semi-double, ever-blooming. 4-6' tall and 4' wide.

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The Fairy Rose (Rosa 'The Fairy') (1)


Zones 4-9. Vigorous ever-blooming shrub rose, clusters of pink flowers. 3' tall and 3' wide.


Alternative Plant China Doll Rose (Rosa 'China Doll') Zones 5-9. Landscape shrub rose, double rose-pink flowers are fragrant. 18" tall and 2 -1/2' wide.

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Therese Bugnet Rose (Rosa 'Therese Bugnet') (1)


Zones 3-7. Hybrid rugosa rose, recurrent medium-pink blooms, gray-green foliage with nearly thornless stems. 5' tall.


Alternative Plant Gertrude Jekyll Rose (Rosa 'ausboard') Zones 5-9. Shrub rose, large medium-pink recurrent blooms, soft fragrance, very thorny upright canes. 4-5' tall.

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Iceberg Rose(Rosa 'Iceberg' or 'Schneewittchen') (1)


Zones 4-9. Fragrant white flowers with a touch of coral in clusters, vigorous and almost free of thorns. 3' tall 3' wide.


Alternative Plant White Meidiland Rose (Rosa 'Alba Meidiland') Zones 4-9. White flowers in clusters. 2-1/2' high and 4' across.


Cranesbill (Geranium x 'Johnson's Blue') (3)


Zones 4-8. Bright blue flowers from May until Sept., attractive divided foliage. 15-18" tall.


Alternative Plant Catmint (Nepeta 'Blue Wonder') Zones 3-8. Dark lavender-blue flowers in early summer, cut back for rebloom, gray-green foliage. 12-15" tall.

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Russian Sage (Pervoskia atriplicifolia) (4)


Zones 5-9. Lavender-blue spike flowers and silver foliage, distinctive sage fragrance, do not cut back in fall, but rather in spring. 3-4' tall.


Alternative Plant Boltonia (Boltonia asteroids 'Snowbank') Zones 4-8. Small white daisies late in summer and into fall, good cut flower. 48" tall.

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Meadow Sage (Salvia x. 'May Night') (4)


Zones 4-7. Violet-blue flowers much of summer. 18-24" tall.


Alternative Plant Speedwell (Veronica 'Goodness Grows') Zones 3-8. Long-blooming blue flowers on 14" spikes. 14" tall.

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