This garden stays looking great, no matter how hot the weather gets. Follow this garden plan for a low-maintenance bed with the best hot-weather plants.

By Jenny Krane
Updated May 23, 2019
Illustration by Mavis Augustine Torke

You don't need to be limited to geraniums to have a successful garden in a sunny spot. There are tons of flowering plant varieties with different heights, shapes and growing patterns that thrive in the sun. By combining them in a methodical way, you can outfit a difficult sunny flower bed with multiple colors and textures that will last all summer. The combination of bright yellows, purples, and pinks in this garden will give any garden eye-catching color.

This garden plan will fill a 13x11-foot garden but can be adjusted to fit the space available in your landscaping. The back layer of this vignette is built with hollyhock, butterfly bush, and Russian sage. The tall spires of flowers add height that will do well against a fence or wall. Tickseed, blazing stars and pink coneflowers serve as mid-height layering plants with bright color. The spaces around the edges of the garden plan are filled with low-growing lavender, sedum, and asters for a lush and polished finish.

Andrew Drake

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This mix of perennial flowers will give your garden a beautiful burst of hot-weather color in a sunny spot.

Garden Size: 13 x 11 feet

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Left: David Speer
Center: Peter Krumhardt
Right: Susan A. Roth

Plant List

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